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Re: My concern about this site

Posted by willyee on April 5, 2007, at 9:39:45

In reply to Re: My concern about this site willyee, posted by KayeBaby on April 5, 2007, at 1:28:08

> I am taken aback by your perspective.

Shouldent be,its a perspective is all,nothing more,dont see why it brings on such fury,like to think perspectives are allowed.

> When I signed up here I remeber that I had to agree to allow any of my posts here to be re-printed or used by Dr. Bob. In return I get to use a well organized message board where I can meet people that have similar issues, where we can learn from each other.
> I am not a therapy type person and this board serves me well. I do not feel so alone when I see people struggling the same way as I am. I gain hope reading of others' success.
> I lurked for a long time before I ever posted and I have remarked often that this board is the cleanest run, with the kindest, most intelligent and helpful people out of all the various boards I visit. This is a board for people with mental illnesses!! This is the sanest spot on the net!
> Why do you care what Dr. Bob does? I think the development of this place has helped more people that he ever could have in any practice. It seems as if he keeps himself out of sight by design. He wants to let this experiment run, without impediment. Seems like he is making sure that it is not about him.
> I have seen so many places that degenerate into chaos and bickering. Due to the strict rules about flaming etc. we can keep on track and really address the important things.
> What do you want this man to do? Why does it matter what he gets out of this? I do not feel exploited, disrespected or used.
> Am I missing something? Becuase, from his rare interactions with people that I have seen I can read nothing more of him than what I listed above.
Well just want to make sure its clear my posts are always aimed to offer help,so not sure why you mentioned that,i always show encourgagment as well when im invovled in a thread of someone doing well,my goals in general from the board were to share,both give and take information,and thats prett much what i have done.

If i cant speak my mind in general on something here,without people hyperventalatiing then that is how it is,regardless my curiosity still remains,and i still think it would be an asset to see a bullentin or newsletter available from time to time knowing that my personal stories are being used for a general impact would be a nice thing for me to hear.

Dr.Bob is a man,but more than that,he has a position to possably have more impact than the average person assuming they are not in the industry,so i appealed thoughts to dr.bob,big deal,no need for the hysteria really.

I have a heavy foot,so i break eggshells when i walk,this site isnt for me,ill lurk from time to time.Oh and remeber to blow into the brown bag to calm down,seems to be warrented with the intensity you responded with in my posts,GEEE ZUS.

> He could be a robot for all I know.
> All of you on the other hand seem very real to me and I am personally greatful for the person who provides us this place, whatever his reason.
> Peace,
> Kaye




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