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Re: Laima, others, Strattera/Provigil experience? stargazer

Posted by laima on January 8, 2007, at 17:42:48

In reply to Laima, others, Strattera/Provigil experience?, posted by stargazer on January 8, 2007, at 15:22:24

Hi Stargazer,

I understand that the reason adderall and other stims are not typically recommended with MAOIs is risk of hypertensive crisis/high pulse rate, high blood pressure. So, not sure about Strattera, provigel. Also not sure if they would have dangers along the lines of seratonin crisis or not. Isn't Strattera related to ritalin, or am I totally mixed up? Whether stimulants would be safe for a person or not probably varies person to person, and depends on their blood pressure as well as on how they are absorbing the drugs. There have been other people on babble combining stimulants with MAOIs, even with parnate I think, so I really can't imagine it's all that weird. If someone is looking into a prescription cookbook- it's against the official rules. If someone looks at how a particular patient is doing on their Emsam, what their blood pressure and pulse are doing- it may be a good option and make perfect sense. My doctor is looking closely- not just at a snapshot reading, but pulse in relation to blood pressure, is there a humungous difference between sitting and standing. (Looking to see if the heart is gasping to keep up- or if it's ok.)

I'm not keen on identifying my doctors publically, risk getting myself identified, or getting them interested in snooping up on me, so I'll babblemail you! :)


> Thank you for responding as I have been following your responses to Lilith on the other post but have a hard time digesting things that aren't specific to my situation although sometimes I can do this. Having alot more issues with attention and comphrehension lately.
> I just checked my pharmacy bin and have Adderall-XR 20 mg caps and Amphetamine 10mg tabs. Only other med for ADD I have tried is ritalin and like you caused me agitation.
> Since amphetamine meds are contraindicated with Emsam, I thought that Strattera or Provigil may be a better choice although I have no experience with either. Do you or anyone else?
> Also, since you are connected with some pretty high level pdocs, do you think my pdoc could contact them for their opinion/advice on the Adderall/Emsam combo since they have suggested it and it is working for you? Of course this would be with their agreement and done in confidence, etc. I have an appt with my pdoc 1/16 and wouldlike him to know about the combo and perhaps get him to agree to prescribe it. I too have very low BP and had many falls over the past few months after being on Lamictal, so part of my problem may be hypotension but I have checked it fairly often and it is around 110/70, which is actually higher than I have ever been in my life, although I have vertigo and lightheadedness daily.
> I am getting more and more desparate. It's a very long, boring story and I am running out of endings. Too much time lost to depression over the past 30 years. Sometimes I think I was better off before seeking help. only 2 meds that worked were Nardil and Marplan. Nardil stopped working after 2 yrs and Marplan was d/c'ed by manufacturor (Roche)in late 80's and I have not had a good response to another med since then!
> Life with depression is NO LIFE!
> Stargazer




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