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Re: Seroquel for sleep - doesn't work

Posted by ronaldo on October 18, 2006, at 16:51:52

In reply to Re: Seroquel for sleep - doesn't work ronaldo, posted by Phillipa on October 12, 2006, at 18:41:01

> For me its usually four hours and awake. And no hangover or drozziness from taking a messily 5mg of valium? I used to years ago take 5mg of valium with 450mg of mephrobamate every morning when I got up taking care of three kids. Repeat the 5mg of valium around lpm. Drive my Son to Nursery School and felt great. Went shopping or whereever I wanted to go. And then at bed time another 5mg of valium. At that time usually three beers too. It's just me. My body wakes up after 4-5hours. In the hospital that's how I got in trouble. They gave me 20cc of chloral hydrate, xanax, klonopin, and 50mg of seroquel. When I woke up the orders were to give me 50mg more of seroquel. Mind you this is the first I'd ever taken this med. And in the morning I almost fainted. Tried to talk could think the words . Nothing came out of my mouth. The staff put me back to bed. I'm not a coffee drinker cause of anxiety. But the charge nurse went to the cafeteria and bought me a large cup . I drank it and the doc dc'd the med that day. That was my experience. But my current regime causes no problem at all. Love Phillipa

Hi Phillipa,

Well I've given up on Seroquel now. I tried 12.5 mg and it almost put me to sleep. I lay on my bed and I could feel the whole room move but I didn't go to sleep. One s/e of Seroquel is a stuffy nose. Sounds trivial and quite harmless doesn't it? But coupled with a background mood of anxiety it turns quite nasty. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. If I breathed through my mouth I felt like I was hyperventilating. Unpleasant. The only relief I could get was by going outside for a walk around the block or down to the promenade and up along the beach.

I think I may have gone about it the wrong way. Instead of starting with 25 mg I should have begun with 12.5 mg or 6.25 mg. (Almost impossible to cut the 25 mg tablet accurately into these small amounts.) I think I may have had more luck with it by starting small.

In the end what happened is I went high, hyper-manic. I have a tentative diagnosis of Bi-polar. Whether this hyper-mania was due to coming off the 5 mg Olanzapine or a result of sleep deprivation I don't know. I came off the Olanzapine about a month ago, tapered off. On Sunday I was feeling so anxious I phoned the off-duty CPN (community psychiatric nurse) who advised me to take 5 mg of Olanzapine and discontinue the Seroquel. I took the 5 mg and it didn't work so I took 5 more, and then another 5 which made 15 mg altogether. I got my 8 hours sleep but it was quite broken but at least I got back to sleep again.

Monday my old pdoc prescribed me 10 mg of Olanzapine taken at night. I am getting 7 hours sleep on this medication. But I still feel tired and have dark rings around my eyes.

I guess I became hyper-manic and that caused me not to sleep. In the end I was screaming to myself inside my head. I wanted to come off Olanzapine and all that has happened is I have ended up on double the dose I was on before. I hope it makes me twice as well as I was on the original 5 mg. If I had got the Seroquel to work, ie got it to make me sleep, I would not be in this position. My new pdoc, who is away on holiday, prescribed 50 mg of Seroquel. If he had not gone on holiday I would have been able to discuss the Seroquel dosage with him. If he had told me he was going on holiday I could have phoned him before he left and gone through the pro's and con's of dosage with him. If, if, if...

I will stick with the 10 mg of Olanzapine now for the next 3 weeks to regain my sleep pattern. Then I see my social worker and we can discuss whether to stay on 10 mg or to bring it down.





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