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Re: Topomax and redheads...

Posted by fierycelt on February 6, 2006, at 0:26:26

In reply to Re: Topomax and redheads... fierycelt, posted by storm rider on February 1, 2006, at 15:01:51

I think your "moniker" should be "circus juggler" not "storm rider" I certainly admire you, I hope someday to be as self-assured as you. Something to strive for!! This may sound strange, I wish you lived in my neighbourhood, you would be my favourite person to have my afternoon tea with...or trade books with...

I was raised to never give a thought to other peoples "disabilities"...actually my mother always taught me that, like myself & my ADDHD, it was what made them uniquely them...and I was to respect what the universe had "set in place". I have always assumed other people are like this, but deep down inside I realize they are not.
I'm sorry your mother did that to you. I suppose she thought she was doing the right thing for you, but maybe it was the right thing for her!! The "embarressment" of having a less than perfect child...such a shame. I hope you have made peace with this and her. I hope I have not offended you!! ...a personal question? Did it bother your husband when he found out?

Like I mentioned before, working in a strip club isn't all bad, they are certainly very tolerate of "differences", unlike corporate America. Maybe because we are such "outcasts" based on what we do for a living. I would much rather "fly under the radar" and be an "outcast" in societies eyes, than be subjected to the close scrutiny and judgement by corporate America. I think it is better to be different than the same. I just can't see myself as a "sheep". We certainly all look out for each other...
One of the D.J's and one of the dancers has epilepsy. When this particular dancer goes on stage, certain lights aren't used. No muss, no memos or seeing the corporate doctor. We all know what to look for in each one of these individuals when they may be having a seizure coming on! Once, this dancer had a seizure on stage!! The DJ shut the music off, had every dancer(30) come on stage & stand in a big circle around her, to watch her & made every customer stand up and turn their back to the stage..."gentlemen have some respect"!!! The GM called the ambulance and when it was over one of the bouncers & the GM went to the hospital with her. The owner paid for her hospital visit. And we are all "Losers"?????!!!!! HHHMMMM....
You are so right, people are unbelievably insensitive. They think they are being sensitive or PC, but infact they are making the situation worse. I experience it everyday. It is nothing for someone to remark about another being upset/angry as being "BiPolar". They say the word BP like they have bad taste in their mouth. I'm not sure why society thinks being upset/angry is a sure sign of BP...oh, it is one of many...but not a sure sign. Did you "gently educate" that cameraman? Hope so...
Are your moccasins uncomfortable? Sometimes mine "pinch" a lot...give me blisters.

Boredom...when I am bored I get into mischief...not really... but my husband (yup I'm married)(he's a sweetie) says I become willful and stubborn...a handful. But it is just who I am he says. He is very patient/calm, a by-product of being Southern, thank goodness...However, he goes to school full time, works full time, tries to support both of us financially since I'm not making money and keep track of me. Alot of stress, he seems unflappable, but I am afraid he will cave in eventually. It's not fair to him. But...he says he married me not because I was perfect, but because I was perfect for him...he knew life would always be interesting with me, after all dating me was!! Fortunately he never tries to "fix" me or anything I do...he has seen me at my absolute worst and has never told me what "I need to do". He has always told me it is up to me what I feel I need to do. I am not suggesting he thinks I am not sick, but he realizes I am the only one who can take control of my health. He just helps...reminds me about it is eating, taking vitamins and doing yoga. I never doubt for a minute I am luckier than most...

I loved the... "I have been through so many incarnations that I have met myself coming in the door as I was going out..." I will try and remember that...a reminder that with the restless mind sometimes "history" repeats itself and not to get alarmed or discouraged...fabulous!!!!
There was a movie with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin about twins switched at birth...a great line from the movie... "if you stand here long enough, you see yourself come out"...what you said made me think of it...aaahhh another random ADDHD reference. Life is grand!!!
So-o I, impatient as always, increased my Topamax by 25mg (now 50mg) 5 days earlier than you suggested...I hope this wasn't one of my less than better ideas...will let you know.
I'm ok being the "Village Idiot" (I will still be smarter than Mr. Bush,LOL) but I don't want to lose my hair. I am going to research vitamin suppliments, to hopefully, prevent this.

Warm Regards,




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