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Re: please be civil

Posted by mark anthony foott on February 3, 2006, at 12:38:19

In reply to Re: please be civil mark anthony foott vainamoinen, posted by Dr. Bob on February 2, 2006, at 22:35:48

First of all, please allow me to apologise if I have inadvertently upset anyone. If I was sounding flippant to you, then please let me assure you that I wasn't meaning to be.
What I'd like you to try to understand, is that circumstances in this life are so diverse to what I "presume" your's to be? At this moment in time, I am currently in possession of a load of dreams, but very little else?
I went wrong in life, but it was for a purpose.
I had to gain an empathy with the lowest "caste" in this life, namely, the homeless. Before God had me embark on this what I can only describe as a mission, I was leading the proverbial family life. A wife and two children later, I am well and truly screwed! At this moment in time I'm armed with only words. Words in poems,words in letters, and words in cyber talk,
My life has had to change immeasurably to get me to exactly where I am now. If I hadn't gone through so much crap in this existence, then I'd surely be still stuck in the same rut that I had spent all of my life in. That rut took everything from me. I was left feeling like my head was empty most of the time. But then God's plan kicked in for me, and it has been so life changingly awesome at times.
Only around 8 yrs ago, I was living in a life of nothing but ignorance and self doubt. I had no conception whatsoever what God was, and was <I suppose> content to randomly meander through that life. Things had to change radically so that I would wake up and smell the coffee. God wasn't going to make it easy for me, but I've been blessed in the fact that I have never been given more than I could stand.
This journey I've been on has took me to some weird and some cool places, and the people that I've met on my travels, have been cool, not so cool, different, and indifferent, but I have had the chance to learn so much. So much more than if I had been left in my dreamlike marital state.
How can a homeless fella living on the streets of Bath, suddenly find himself homeless, and on the streets of Seattle U.S.A.? Let me try to explain a little.
I was in the city of Bristol with a woman who I had met in Plymouth, we split up, and I ended up walking the few miles to Bath. I was dejected and didn't have a penny in my pockets. I had never been to bath, and had no idea of the special history that is assigned to it through the annals of time.
I arrived in Bath at the end of august 2001, and within a fortnight had witnessed the horror of 911 in New York. Even though I'm English and was far away from the states, I felt the absolute shock of what was happening in America. I remember watching the T.V. in a homeless shelter in Bath, called Julian House, and every single person in the place was in some kind of shock. I vividly remember those poor poor people who were faced with the only option available to them? Jump, or burn!! That day made an impression on not only the U.S., but on every single Christian based country on the planet. No more shocking event<in a peaceful country>had ever taken place, and to be honest, it's hard to envision anything more devastatingly tragic.
It was to be another year almost, before I was to end up in America, and here's how it happened.
I met a fella called Owain, and owain was to be the tool that God would ultimately use to get me to where he wanted me. Owain was aware of the strange events that had been surrounding me, and he was also aware that I felt that God wanted me to get to America to write a book.
Look, if I'm going to tell you my story, I'd like to know that someone is interested first. I don't want to be puttong a load of writing on the computer that no-one is really interested in.
If any of you would like to hear what I have to say, then please let me know, and if no-one let's me know, then I'll drop this whole thing now. I hope that that is all quite coherent to you. Goodbye for now, or forever?




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