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Re: Concerta and Adderall xr broly

Posted by Johnny B. Linux on January 22, 2006, at 19:31:11

In reply to Concerta and Adderall xr, posted by broly on January 22, 2006, at 15:38:14

> Dear guys,
> I am 18 years old. Turned 18 this past october.
> At the time I write this message to you, it has been my 3rd day on Concerta.

Hi there broly, definitely give Concerta 36mg a bit more time, like at least until the 30-day mark! I know you'r eager. Fyi, I wouldn't take two capsules (72mg) unless your doc gives the okay.

> The problem is I don't get tunnel vision with concerta. I can focus better, but I still feel I'm not focusing hard enough. Granted this is my first 30 day trial, I will tell you that Concerta 36MG is great, but I'm 18, 6'1 1/4 and 210 pounds. I do not find this to be enough.

When you say "tunnel vision", what do you mean? - hyperfocus? That's what it sounds like. You don't want to be too focused. Too much stimulant will push you in the wrong direction. Forget tunnel vision. You'll find the right dose that works best. Try to be patient. :-)

> What should I look for when Im on this drug? My friend told me dexadrine is like a narcotic for him. I can say safely that I do get energy from Concerta, and I do feel more alert, but I do not feel tunnel vision and I still can get distracted AT TIMES.

Good question! I would ask your doc about this one. Personally, I look for how stable and productive I am; how much I accomplish; being less distracted; less internal "noise". You'll know it when you feel it. Sorry I can't be of more help here...

> 36 Mg for someone my size? Should I push for 72 or 54mg? Or should I push for Adderall?

I've taken most of what they call psychostimulants: Ritalin, Ritalin LA, Dexedrine spansules, Concerta, Adderall & Adderall XR. Tried Strattera but it wasn't NEARLY as effective. But that's me. Everyone reacts differently...Adderall works best for me. I take 5mg 2-3x/day...sometimes 10mg. I have to be careful w/ it though. These are potent drugs. Sometimes 10mg is too much and it pushes me in the wrong direction. I get too much CNS stimulation. Otherwise, it's a safe & very effective drug. Don't think about it or you might sabotage yourself in a way.

> Do you guys recommend Adderal XR? What should i tell my Doctor? Won't he get mad if I ask for a higher dosage?

Ask your doc about it during your next visit. I find the immediate-release Adderall works better than the XR version.

> So how does tunnel vision work? Do my sides blur out or what?

LOL...It doesn't give you tunnel vision, but it can certainly feeeeeeeel like it. Just forget about tunnel vision, okay?

> P.S> I still tune out occasionally ( stare/daydream)

There is no magic bullet. You won't get 100% symptom reduction. Talk to your doc if you don't think it's helping. Hope this helps! Take care of yourself. Dont' forget about eating. Try to avoid caffeine. Drink lots of water. Peace...




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