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Sabino barbaracat

Posted by Sabino on August 4, 2005, at 9:13:53

In reply to Re: Raving SSI and Li update Sabino, posted by barbaracat on August 1, 2005, at 21:55:55

Thanks yet again, Barbara. I've had memory attentional issues for years. Now throw concentration in to the mix, and all have worsened significantly the last couple of years.

My company does indeed have a long term disasbility (not through Unum... I believe it's called the Standard Insurance). Anyway, I will go that route first. I think they pay 60% of your salary for up to two years. Pretty darned good. I ought to qualify, as my issues are real and there's reams of documentation between my pdoc and PCP before him.

I completely relate to what you experienced at work. Couldn't concentrate, and then spiraled into worrying/stressing about the fact that I wasn't accomplishing anything.

I am now not working again as of yesterday. I emailed an attorney last night. Don't know how this'll all end, but I flat out cannot perform the tasks that my job required of me.

Now, back to the Li discussion... I'm up to around 450mgs a day now.

Barb, thanks ever so much for all the useful information.

> Have you noticed this cognition thing since the Li or did it come on with the other symptoms? When I had to go on disability I was at a total block with my work. Couldn't conentrate, stressing from getting behinder, brain freeze and very emotional. I'd end up silently crying in my cube at least once a week. It was from total burnout mentally and physically.
> But I know what you mean about not knowing what else to do. At this point I'd love to go back to a job I like that's lucrative because I feel I'm at a good place, but I DON'T want to go back to that world. Anything else requires years of training. It feels like a Catch-22 because if I go back to that stress I'll end up where I was. What I'd strongly recommend you do is look into your company's long-term disability rather than depending on the long-haul of SSI. You can get both, but your company's policy would start right away and give you 60% of your salary. You're required to apply for SSI anyway cause they'll want to get reimbursed from it. But see a lawyer. It won't cost you anything. and WARNING, if your company's long term insurer is Unum, watch out. They're slimy scum sucking dogs who recently got sued for bad practice.
> Barbara
> > Hey BCat,
> >
> > Thanks for the heads up on the Neuro Optimizer. Will definitely check into that. Been feeling like I've got a room temperature IQ, and oh lord, it's chilly in here.
> >
> > Actually, speaking of cognition, work has really been problematic (programming, etc). In fact, I'm really wondering whether I can continue that. Seems I'm getting behinder and behinder. At a certain point, the humiliation factor comes into play. Still, the only thing I know how to do is program, and... hmmm. Turning into another whinefest. I actually left work today to avoid a meeting (my utter lack of progress would have been exposed).
> >
> > May well have to follow your much appreciated advice on the SSI stuff. Trust me, I'm no malingerer. Just can't muster up sufficient concentration this last half year. The thing is, I used to be proud of my coding abilities. Now, I feel incompetent. Not a good feeling, and that's why I'm contemplating not continuing that. I just feel like I've accomplished precious little the past few weeks. I don't know what to do.
> >
> > I'm glad you're feeling better with the increased Li and decreased Cym. I think I'm up to around 400 mgs of Li, and around 2.5 of Paxil daily.
> >
> >




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