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Deprenyl + Parnate/Nardil, and etc. willyee

Posted by Questionmark on July 30, 2005, at 17:31:13

In reply to Re: Deprenyl + Nardil-- willyee have you tried?, posted by willyee on July 27, 2005, at 17:13:17

> Sorry i took so long,dident catch this post until now.

~~~~Not a problem. Thanks for responding.

> The two aside,moclimide seemed to offer a 2 benifits,one was the *dry* period between parnate doses where it sometimes has u either looking for the next parnate dose,or taking something else which i have a BAD habbit of doing.
> I instead took a small dose of molcimide during this period,the result was the parnate seemed to have a added kick working better,providing more relieaf,as well as i took less of it.
> The second was i having something to take in those gaps stopped me from being so reliant on my next parnate dose and seeking it.
> Deprenyl was the same sceniero,i used it at night after parnate dosing was to be stopped.

~~~~Interesting stuff. And taking Deprenyl at night didn't give you horrible insomnia? i know when i was on Parnate i had bad insomnia, and it seems like even a small dose of Deprenyl on top of that, esp at night, would make it really hard to sleep.

> Deprenyl alone was a no no,with a benzo it sometimes cancelled each other out,so i stumbled onto something by accident that gave me a week of solid remission but havent since TRIED again yet.

~~~~Oh, i see. Nevermind my previous question. At first i didn't know what you meant by "Deprenyl alone was a no no, with a benzo it sometimes cancelled each other out," but now i assume you're saying this primarily in regard to insomnia.

> This was to eat,chew on a small amount of mary jane,the effects are much different than smoking as smoking makes me go insane,anyhow chewing a small amount followed by a small droplet or two of deprenyl stablized me for an entire night without any desire to want parnate.

~~~~This is really interesting. You're pretty sure it was the mj that made the difference-- or that it actually did something? Did you heat it at all or eat it with anything fatty? THC is fat-soluble and extremely water-insoluble, and it needs a certain amount of heat to be released from the plant material &/or whatever else. So i thought it would basically be impossible to feel anything from the oral ingestion of cannabis unless you cooked it in something fatty enough (or dissolved the THC in alcohol). Help me out here.

> This was much stronger than moclimides relieaf,and in fact i wonder if i could have dropped parnate down to a single morning dose followed by two dosing of the deprenyl combo.The MJ doesent just flow in my state so i have yet to try it again.
> Nardil i could not tolerate even a day on it,as the rebound depression from being off parnate was too roboust so ill never know if nardil would have worked for me.

~~~~Oh, that's too bad. i hate that kind of thing. But it sounds like Parnate is a really helpful drug for you, so that's good. But i'd be very interested to know what a small amount of Deprenyl would be like with Nardil. My hunch would be that if a small (or very small?) amount or Deprenyl is okay with Parnate, then it should definitely be okay with Nardil (depending on the respective doses of Parnate & Nardil). i'd like to try it sometime if i ever get the chance-- it seems like Deprenyl would be quite beneficial for some of Nardil's side effects.




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