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Re: What's your current med regime? Sabino

Posted by yesac on July 6, 2005, at 11:22:26

In reply to What's your current med regime? yesac, posted by Sabino on July 5, 2005, at 19:22:59

> Hi again. I was curious about what all your meds are. I know Lithium and Seroquel are in the mix. Do you take an AD too?

Right now all I'm taking are Seroquel 25mgs and lithium 600mgs. I'm not happy with it though. As I mentioned I just went down on the Seroquel, but I still feel this tiredness. I don't know if I should go back up but try reducing the lithium, or try reducing the lithium and staying at 25 of Seroquel. I'm afraid to go off Seroquel altogether.

I had been taking Cymbalta for about 5 or 6 months, but decided it wasn't helping anything and stopped in mid May.

So now I am looking for an antidepressant and/or something for attention. I haven't had much luck with stimulants or antidepressants. I've been thinking about Strattera and Zoloft. But every time I see my psychiatrist, I sort of don't feel quite ready to take on a new drug. I've just gone through so many med trials and I'm so sick of all of it that the idea of starting something new is not enticing, especially given that it probably won't work. And I don't want to deal with new side effects, especially because I'm about to start an internship.

But I'm pretty depressed and just overall don't feel too good, so I feel like I need something else.

> Here's a funny thing about people that have the kinds of difficulties that we on this board do. Unless your really a ranting lunatic, other folks would never even realize you had issues.

Well I think that's good, don't you? I don't want other people to realize, although I think sometimes it makes people less understanding (like my family for example-- don't realize the full depth of my desperation and despair), or it could allow people to make insensitive comments. Yeah, mostly my meltdowns are when I'm all alone by myself and the only ones who witness the height of my craziness are my kitties (and sometimes my psychiatrist).

But the other thing is, I think there's something wrong with our culture in that it's so not okay to have *issues*. And it's especially not okay to talk about them. That's why we have to come to this board, don't you think? Sure it's good for information, but I think that a lot of what people like about it is the anonymity. It's easier to talk when no one knows you, and when you feel pretty sure that most people have similar issues. But I'm in a group therapy thing right now (which I hate and want to quit, by the way)... and there, even though presumably everyone else has issues, I don't like talking about my craziness, not face to face with people.

The other problem is that because issues are so hidden in our culture, I tend to delude myself into thinking that I'm the only one with problems, everyone I see seems to have a great life and they're so happy and I feel like the only miserable one alive.

> Often times I feel like my meds make me feel worse than my baseline state.

I definitely think they can. Not always, but sometimes. If the side effects outweigh the benefits then of course you feel worse.




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