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Re: rEEG System Helps Guide Prescribing

Posted by franco neuro on March 23, 2005, at 0:09:24

In reply to Re: rEEG System Helps Guide Prescribing Daniel Hoffman, M.D., posted by franco neuro on March 22, 2005, at 15:38:57

Where in the following passage from my previous post do you see me questioning your integrity? If you read it closely you would have seen that I was actually paying you a compliment!

> Please allow me to throw my two cents into this discussion. Generally when I see a doctor post a message on psycho-babble I figure they're here trying to drum up business. Forgive my cynicism, but it's born of the experiences I've had in dealing with the medical community over the past few years. Having said that, I found the following sentence from your previous post very intriguing.

> There could be a few ways to treat a problem. E.G., if you can't tolerate SSRI's for example, maybe the same could be accomplished with a beta blocker and a stimulant (just as a hypothetical), in which case tolerability is resolved.

> This tells me that you are someone who thinks outside of the box. A quality I've yet to come across in any of the doctors I've seen.

I hardly think anything about the aforementioned passage warranted your rather hysterical response. I don't know you. You may be a wonderful person and a wonderful doctor. The scientists and colleagues that you work with may be wonderful altruistic people also. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with many of the doctors I have seen. The fact that you may or may not find this offensive is beyond my control. I've often refrained from asking questions when meeting with a doctor for fear that they would overreact and take offense as you just did to my rather benign post.

Good God what is going on in the medical schools of this country. Is the word empathy ever spoken? I'm a good person. I'm a college graduate and a military veteran. I have a 141 IQ. I'm loyal, kind, and compassionate. And I always pay my rent and taxes on time. I'm no saint, but all in all I'm a pretty decent person. Who, along with most of the other people on this site, is suffering. Is it too much to ask to walk into a doctors office and expect to be treated with a little respect?

I have been to doctors who are good people and good doctors. But, who were unfortunately not able to help me. I'm fine with that. I've also walked out of many a doctor's office with a pain in my stomach feeling as if I had just been raped. I don't need to be smirked at, or scoffed at, or belittled and made to feel like garbage; simply because I had the gall to ask a question or show a little interest in matters concerning my own health. Especially when I'm paying my hard earned money for the privilege.

Once again. I meant you no offense. If some was taken I apologize and assure you it was unintended. I'm sure that there are other people on this site who have questions they would like to ask you. If you truly are someone who seeks to help those who are in desperate need of help, than you will continue to answer their questions and allow me to be the one who takes leave of this thread.




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