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Re: Something i noticed on parnate....

Posted by willyee on March 22, 2005, at 7:30:46

In reply to Re: Something i noticed on parnate...., posted by Maxime on March 21, 2005, at 21:40:20

I feel terrable youre in such a bad state.I have days that go in a breeze,and are great,and i have some that are a struggle,i have to admitt to anyones debate that if it werent for my own innitive of trying to listen to my body and take what ca help me,taking medication STRICTLY the way the doc says would have done me in a long long long time ago.

Its a war aganist demons,and they are not playing by the rules.

Anyway,as inneffective as parnate can be,in the long run it always keeps me in a motivated state to where i can function.

This is a basic formula that at the least works for me every time.

1 full caffiene tablet,200 mg caffiene.
L-theanine from vitamin shoppe,a health store store and brand in a lot of citys as well as on the net.Brands here are very specific to their benifit,i only use two kinds.

Anyway again,i vivarin tab,small portion of a l-theanine capsule,opened and just let out the small half of the cap on my tongue and close it.A very very small pieace of klonopin,and 20-30 mg of parnate.

L-theanine has a synergy with caffiene,l-theanine crosses into the brain and raises dopamine and gaba levels as well as induces calming waves.

For me less is better,i use a very small amount of the contents of a capsule,anything else is counter productive.It also synergizes with klonopin,and takes away any depression that might accompany it,i always use tiny portions of klonopin,for a supposedly addicting med this hasent changed in years.

And the parnate.With any parnate combo its best to sit or lay down and montior urslef for a while,usualy u go through a small uncomfortable phase till everything is digested.Hopefully after 20-30 minutes u should be able to bounce up.

After this,hours later ur second dose of parnate can be a simple 10 mg alone,and it should be more effective.The l-theanine and klonopin togther usualy even if produce sleep produce a pleaseant one unlike klono alone,upon awakening there is lessened anxiety.

Also stimulants are wierd,most stimulants turn to sedatives with parnate for some reason.Ive tried others ritalin et with horrable results,caffine has been helpful with it since day one over a year ago.

If you have taken parnate,and feel very fatigued,chances are if u took vivarin alone,no parnate,at this point u will get more of a calming effect rather than a stimulant.It energizes very subtly.

Were all trying to make magic out of sh- hang in there.

- 1 Caffiene tablet

- l-theanine,try small portions first as its very psych-active even though its otc

- klonopin as needed,less should be required anytime l-theanine is used with it,they work togther very well.

- your typical parnate dose,be it 20-30 mg

- give it time to work,anxiety often causes one to continue to take things,parnate is always best if u let it work and sit or medititate,being active after ingestion for me seems to lessen it.

- Any time parnate alone causes high fatigue,a caffiene tab alone,one or two usualy provides a nice energy to it,i notice less than a tab is more acitvating.

This of course is my emergency type of protocol,i have one or too,remember i was a pc tech at best buy during xmas,try doing that with social anxiety.It was crucial i had these.I never out right recomend something,just give suggestions anyone choosing to follow like myself,should do so with careful considreration.

Parnate is a good med,just constantly needs a kick in the a-.I just took the protocol as we speak and its all settling,i feel confident on the days approach.

Parnate,klonopin,l-theanine,caffiene, are all commonly in some way succesful substances.

Just a note i cant take any of the above alone,parnate is the laying foundation like the bottom of a pizza pie.

Also caffiene from a tab is not the same as general intake from pop,in fact i easly removed all caffineted bevareges so my intake wouldent be too high,i drink choc milk and juices instead.

I know this is a long post,but the seriouness of ur condition justifies a novel,i am where i am today because of groups and indicividuals,and had i relied on docs soly id be well,not in a very nice place.Hang in dont be a borken link on a chain.

Feel free to email me




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