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Re: Geodon

Posted by MoparFan91 on February 15, 2005, at 22:25:42

In reply to Geodon, posted by stargazer on February 15, 2005, at 21:19:34

> Is anyone on this medication? The only thing I read online about it was how it was a satan drug.

I think Geodon gets this reputation because either people are on the wrong dosage (most likely too high of a dose) or, most likely, they are taking it once a day nightly. Geodon has a shorter half-life (7 hours, I think) and should be taken twice a day. These drugs should not be prescribed once a day when they have short half-lives.

For example, some people who took Geodon once a night got psychotic because of the rebound effect from the drug wearing off the next day. When they added a morning dose (or split up the dose), they were fine, and the drug worked well for some of them. People have also reported paranoia delusions the next day as it wore off when it was taken once a night. One person thought his cat glared at him in a manner that he wanted to attack him and also blamed the cat for all his problems. Some have had similar experiences of getting wired/agitated the middle of the next day when taking Seroquel once a night.

In my experience, when I took 40-80 mg once a night, I got rebound anxiety/agitation and some paranoia the next day when the drug wore off. However, I feel fine on 20 mg 2xday with no side effects. I'm taking it to help depression.

> I saw my doctor today and since my depression seems to be rearing it's ugly head again he wants to add a small dose(20mg) of geodon to my other meds which include Wellbutrin 150, Celexa 40 and Adderall 30.

As I stated above, it is recommended to take Geodon 2xday. Ask your doctor about 2xday dosing, like 20mg 2xday or something.

For me, anything above 40mg/day produced too many side effects. I took up to 80mg, 40mg 2xday. Some side effects where muscle spasms, sedated but unable to sleep, brain fog, some EPS, parkinsons-like symptoms, constipation, memory problems, ADD symtpoms, pacing back and forth in the same spot, and more.

> Also, some of my depression sx involve feeling inadequate at work, blamed for things that go wrong even though I know it's not true. The worst part is that I seem incapable of standing up for myself. Is this depression or something else?

It sounds like a form of depression. Geodon, at doses of up to 40mg, may help with this. For me, it helped with apathy, confidence, motivation, being able to feel emotions, feeling more sociable, appreciating music better. At higher doses, it was counterproductive, and I had more side effects.




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