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Re: Xyrem (GHB)

Posted by Willyee on December 30, 2004, at 23:38:00

In reply to Xyrem (GHB), posted by ed_uk on December 29, 2004, at 10:46:31

> I wondered whether anyone on p-babble was currently taking Xyrem.
> I know that a few of you have taken it in the past. Would anyone like to share their experience?
> Ed.

GHB although obviously extremly unique,is similiar in a sort to most of your gaba mood stablizers.

At very very very miniamal doses,it ca be used just as effective as a benzo as an AUGMENT to a stimulating med,it will cut that edge of anxiety,it looses the tension in the body and helps create ones social abilites more.

Now GHB is extremly dose dependent,so much by a mg.Taken alone i dident see much value in ghb.Taken alone most times like taking a strong sedative alone there is a mixutre of euphoria,and depression.There is also a stupour,you sill find yourself talking a lot,calling people from the past,you likly will do so to a point where it will be noticable.Your walk wont be steady,your thinking will be slowed,and all in all you will be high,and like most highs the rebound will come,and youll regret the way you behaved while on it.Some people can use it alone and at high doses but i have used it years and found this to be the result everytime.

To summerize,in small doses,im talking from a dropper,it can provde a slight ease of tension,and creat a slightly more social state of mind,this is most found when it is augmented in the same way a benzo would be,and at this small dose as an augment i have never witnessed any abuse potential whatesoever,or rebound.

Aside from that,if you want to use it recreational,for emotional disordered people it would prob still be a better choice than most recreational drugs.Just make sure you understand its a once in a blue moon thing,make sure your somewhere safe,with people who know youll be on it,and try to have a benzo handy,a small pieace of klonopin and usualy help greatly when too much ghb is taken.

Also it would be a dishonor to at least mention one of its greatest attributes,if your partner agrees to use it with you,at a fairly moderate dose the stuff will give both the man and woman a heavy breathing incredable sexual urge,it will intensify every part of a sexual experieance,shy females most times will be more willing to particpate more openly,but no they will not be knocked out,they will be fully aware of who they are,instead they will just notice this heat sensation sneak up on them,and you will see them respond to you in bed in ways u never have before.

I actualy dont like the use of it recreational,it ruins my thoughts,makes the thinking patterns even more sloppier than they were,just now i dont care,i twitch,and overall do not feel nice.

I do however hold GREAT GREAT value to it as an augment,in fact using it allows a much smaller dose of klonopin to be used,and they work great togther,with no high ,just simply klonopin with a nice little nudge on it.It beats every lousy gaba augment,nueronton,gabitril,tegatrol enormously,unlike those at small doses ghb does not feel as if its accumalting and you do not feel like a brain dead zombie.




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