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Re: Thanks for the advice

Posted by bridgey1128 on October 5, 2004, at 15:04:50

In reply to Re: Thanks for the advice bridgey1128, posted by iris2 on October 5, 2004, at 11:16:45

I am assuming this was directed at me? No, I don't mind. People can ask me anything. I am bipolar. I just happen to be overweight. I have struggled with my weight my whole life. Looking back, I wasn't a really fat child but people still made fun of me. Maybe because I had red hair it made me a more obvious target. Just looking at pictures I think it was more my face was chubbier than my body actually was so at certain ages I looked fat. Of course when everyone else is a size 4, one looks fat by comparison! In high school I was always a 10/12 sometimes an 8 which isn't fat. And looking at my pics I wasn't. I just felt that way because everyone else was so skinny. I have always been muscular but at the same time had a layer of fat OVER it so I am curvy. So..I hate my arms. :P I do have a nice figure because it's an hourglass so I am perfectly fine with that and I consider myself a beautiful woman as apparently many men who stare at me every day do.:P Just an observation. Right now I am 230 give a few every now and then but am losing so I am ok with my weight. I am not in a rush to lose it right away. I don't feel disgusting or compare myself to skinny women. I have learned even at age 27 that men do not like scrawny women. So when I was a size 12 at age 16, I always attracted older guys. Didn't DATE any..just turned heads. I actually had to ask my husband out because he was too shy to ask me out. :P I guess it's all about attitude. I have seen women who are probably 30 to 40lbs lighter than I am who look heavier than me because they dress frumpy and slump and obviously don't care about the way they look. Regardless if they are gorgeous or not, it's all in the way you present yourself. Guys pick up on self confidence. Ok...HUGE PET PEEVE!! GIRLS WHO SLUMP!!!Girls wear tight shirts so guys will look at their boobs and them slump so guys won't look at their boobs and complain when they stare....WHAT??? How about a modest fitted t-shirt..NOT skin tight and stand up straight...your spine and lungs will thank you! When I went to my chiropractor for him to fix my lower back he said I had slight scoliosis and said it should have been worse than it was. I told him I was a singer and instrumentalist and that I have never slouched or slumped and he said that was the reason. If I had slumped over like some of the girls now I would probably have been a lot worse off than I am now. Ok I'll get down off my soapbox about that now :P To the mom who admitted she's controlling..that's hard to do. I still think you care a lot, you just have to know when to back off. Since you are a fitness instructor..I think that is what you said, do you think you have had a hand in your daughters self image problem? I'm not accusing by any means. Sometimes things happen indirectly. I personally don't believe in "normal" families. I don't think there is such a thing. Every family has it's share of problems. Every family is dysfuntional in some way and I think that so often people are so ashamed of things that if they were open with, they would be able to get so much more support for. I don't mind telling people that I am bipolar. I don't do it for sympathy or shock value and I REALLY don't open a conversation with it but if something comes up, I mention it. For some people who have known me for a long time, it's like a light bulb has gone off, like...Oh ok..that makes sense. For others, they had no idea, because they had only seen the hyper, manic, talkative side of me. Never the depressed side. Since I am bipolar II, I don't go on massive shopping sprees and think I am superhuman. I just get hyper and talkative. Also, I tend to be irritable and impatient to my husband and children. With the Topomax it helps my "mania" more so than my depression. If I know my depression triggers though, I can avoid them and not fall into a depression. I also use Ativan occasionally when I feel an anxiety attack coming on. WEll...I have written enough!




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