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i am confused... verne

Posted by chemist on August 29, 2004, at 22:33:34

In reply to Re: to all..., posted by verne on August 29, 2004, at 21:52:52

hello there, chemist comments below, delineated by asterisks....all the best, chemist

> Hoover and the Chemist have quite the "tag team" act on this board. I've seen this routine used on other boards in an attempt to bully and silence other posters. One supports the other as they gang up on any perceived opposition.

*** this statement is untrue, and unless you have archived URLs for threads that show the contrary - and i cannot recall a single event - i stand firm in this regard. either produce the evidence that Larry Hoover and myself act as you assert, or retract your assertion. the burden of proof is on you. please supply it. ***
> What purpose, for example, does one of their comments, "given that other contributions to this thread have been ill- or non-informed" serve? Let each reader decide for themselves how informed a post is.

*** i ask, what purpose do blanket statements that are in fact untrue serve, especially when the people making them cannot and/or do not provide evidence that their assertions are true? this falls under the category of ill-informed and/or non-informed. i repeatedly asked for peer-reviewed information supporting various claims, and none was provided. if you have some, by all means, support your claims. until then, your assertions are opinions not founded in fact nor supported by objective evidence. period. ***
> Sadly,this sort of tag-team bullying is usually successful. Many posters, often hurting, in need of help and real answers, instead are drowned out unless they have sufficient references and meet the chemists' level of proof. Worn down, they leave.

*** again, please provide evidence that i - chemist - have been the sole cause of any person leaving the psycho-babble community. the reason i ask for references (and my willingness to provide or make clear that i am not informed in many cases) from posters who make grandiose statements that are all-encompassing is that such sweeping arguments need to be supported.. ***
> And in the end, the chemists prevail - at least, in their own minds.
*** i hold a doctorate in chemistry, and have been a post-doctoral fellow/lecturer at 2 medical schools and a top-ten university. i have published in the esteemed journal Science (my 10th publication). i have held a position as an assistant professor of chemistry, have collaborated in the past and present with a molecular design group at a privately-held pharma, and currently lecture in the 13th-ranked chemistry/biochemistry department in the nation, for whatever good the u.s. news and world report rankings do us. larry hoover is at least as educated as i am and, further, knows more about the stuff on this and other boards than i do. i am a chemist, and like larry, it is the way i pay the bills. it is also my passion. i look forward to your response. ***




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