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Re: weaning myself off topamax...

Posted by bridgey1128 on August 22, 2004, at 19:47:51 [reposted on August 23, 2004, at 12:36:23 | original URL]

In reply to weaning myself off topamax..., posted by Kathai on August 22, 2004, at 16:55:45

I guess it depends on the frequency of your migraines and what triggers them. If it's certain foods then you can avoid them and be moderately migraine free. Sometimes people have no idea what causes them and they need medical relief. Yes, your dosage is low compared to what some people take. I wouldn't just STOP taking Topamax. When I forgot to take mine the other night (and I am on a much higher dosage 150mg) I start hallucinating. Of course, I take it for bipolar and not for migraines. I wouldn't let one person tell you to stop taking a medication, and CERTAINLY not a different Dr than the one who prescribed it. How long have you been taking it? If it's not very long it will probably pass. Most side effects do. I am with you on the vivid weird dreams. Mine have always been like that so I couldn't tell a difference. I have never slept well so that made no difference to me either. Topamax affects everyone differently so just stick it out for a while and see if it helps, and if you can't stand the side effects over the relief it may bring then talk to your Dr about switching to another drug or trying something different. I REALLY wouldn't go cold turkey on ANY drug and any person, Dr or Chiro or not who would tell you that you sounded like a junkie for forgetting MEDICATION has GOT to be a QUACK!!! I mean, if you were a diabetic and you forgot your insulin, would that person say..oh man you sound like a heroin addict! NO! If it's a genuine need for relief of migraines or bipolar or whatever and you are supposed to take your meds at a certain time, of course you are going to be worried about not taking your medication. That's called a responsible person. Anyway, this is my two cents worth. I go to the Dr tomorrow about my headaches. They haven't gone away and now it's on both sides of my head. HOw ironic if the Topamax is causing it! I think I will insist on a MRI. When you have taken just about everything over the counter and then some and nothing gets rid of it, you know something ELSE must be wrong. Anyway, good luck to you!




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