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Re: Klonopin + Adderall killer combo

Posted by pinky on August 11, 2004, at 11:55:57

In reply to Klonopin + Adderall killer combo, posted by btnd on February 14, 2003, at 13:52:12

I started taking clonazepam(klonopin/rivotril) about 6 weeks ago. I didnt really have the time to titrate up slowly enough due to rapidly approaching social obligations, so I might have done myself a slight diservice with regards to side effects and tolerance, but whatever.

The initial side effects were lack of balance, no short term memory, and irritibility. I was packing my suitcase before catching a flight and was stuck in a constant circle of

"where are my keys? Oh here they are. But where is my shirt? Oh good, I've found it, but where are my keys."

And then I would find myself flying into a rage each time I couldn't find something. But, I also noticed that people were calling me on the phone and ringing my doorbell and I was completely relaxed (instead of wilting like a little girl). All of this without one drink. So although the side effects were kind of irritating I was feeling pretty up-beat because perhaps the impossible was about to happen; things were going to change.

The drive to the airport was humourous. Taking my giant suitcase off the carousel and then slamming it into a small woman was less humourous. She wasn't hurt and just laughed, so no harm done I guess. So, yeah, my motor skills/coordination etc. were a little off. But no sweaty palms! And no wigging out at the check-in counter or with the stewardesses if conversation became in anyway personal. I even chatted freely with the person sitting beside me on the plane. A new experience.

So the first week/week and a half was a cloud. I would lose entire blocks of memory. The first guy I saw when I arrived in town, I spent two days with and even crashed on his couch. When I saw him again two weeks later I was literally unable to remember whether I had seen him yet during my visit. Weird.

Anyway, all of those side effects have passed and my short term memory and attention span is back to normal - which are usually pretty poor. Is it because we're born this way, or have we become like this from spending so much time living in our own heads?

What where the other, subtler, and longer lasting side effects? Anhedonia and dysthymia (look at all the fancy new words that this forum has forced me to look up). So while I have found clonazepam to be quite anxiolytic, it has also caused a degree of anhedonia and dysthymia. These negative effects were relieved somewhat, though, by the natural pleasure of being more socially active. Although they have diminished somewhat over time, I can't say they've completely vanished. Some other poster said it best: "klonopin left me feeling mushy and just... blah." Clonezepam rids you (almost) of your anxiety, but doesn't make you anymore outgoing.

Sexual disfunction? Thats a tricky one. While I did find myself flying at half mast, I recalled that this was often the case with this particular girl even when I was drug free. Was it my lack of sexual attraction to her or was it the pills?

I ended that "product-of-social-phobia-relationship" and found a latin girl to help me solve this quaqmire. Yes, I was ready, willing, and able. However, I do find that I have a decreased sexual desire. And I find this interesting.

I haven't done much research into it, but I have seen it written here and there that people with our various afflictions are often "over-sexualized" (or something like that). I suppose sexual fantasies have dominated my thoughts in the past; and I remember ex-girlfriends finding my voracity agreeable during the first couple of weeks, but a little tiresome after the fourth month. Perhaps my current sexual desire is just normal. Whatever, as long as I can perform when I need to, I'm not bothered.

Other revelations:

Although others have commented on the sedative effects being bothersome, I actually find that I have more energy now. Thats not to say that I feel energized - far from it. I often crash hard in the middle of the day. Its just that I found that my previous anxiety was more of a drain. Neat.

Obsessive behaviour. This was an aspect of myself that I was previously unaware of. I wasn't one of those switch the lights on and off ten times kind of guys, but I did have repetitive habits: thoughts, utterances, routines; I suppose even physical gestures. A friend of mine said that he found me far less irritating to be around now, because you dont do those whistles and say those repetetive phrases, and I was like, "what whistles?" How Curious.

Thank god for this site though. Otherwise I never would have known that there actually is an almost perfect cure for what they refer to as social phobia. I had originally intended to take the clonazepam with dexedrine, but it takes a little longer to get it here because the pharmacy has to order it. My GP was very excited about Seroxat(Paxil), but I had a bad experience with prozac years ago so...

I'm hoping to keep up the clonazepam, and tie up the loose ends (depression, attention span, etc.) with the amphetamines.


In your opinion, what is the best combo (xanax/clonazepam + adderall/dexedrine)? I heard dexedrine caused less anxiety.




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