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Re: Another view: brain theory

Posted by SMHarris on July 27, 2004, at 12:31:39

In reply to Another view: brain theory, posted by pablo1 on July 20, 2004, at 2:00:23

First, I’d like to say “thanks” for putting in a good word about my writings. As for the interminably long time it takes to get to my point, that is a misrepresentation because the theory is actually many theories dealing with a wide variety of subject matter, and every time somebody tries to summarize “the idea” of the theory, they get something wrong (in this case it is an oversimplification in the terms of psychology with no explanation of the wide variety of changes in our system of classification and conception of disorders or of the philosophy of the basic units of perception and function required to grow a nervous system and experience it) but I very much appreciate the attempt as an effort to get people to look further into my website as a serious effort worthy of some consideration.

As for the being crazy or drugged debate, the magnitude of the subject matter leaves only two or three choices as for the interpretation: I am either crazy or a genius to attempt it, or that this is a work of fiction. In various ways I have played with that interpretation by exaggerating the grandiosity of my writings as an attempt to try to disarm that first impression as a game of sorts, but that does stop most from reading enough of the essays in order to understand the various arguments required to make a case for the deceptive simplicity of the basic concepts behind how the nervous system creates the mind.

The concepts required to be learned are so difficult that it is impossible for most to understand it and impossible for most of the minority who can understand it to believe that it is impossible without supplying an experiment that can show results that go against all of the current concepts of what medications are doing to the body and the brain (and the mind). But the deceptive simplicity of the treatment that I describe looks too simple to be true and those that enter my website from that essay do not read further to get the variety of pieces of logic required to argue for the possibility of this medication approach actually being able to do what is predicted.

The one who have argued that the Ritalin being used in the way described in my treatment is the same that taken with the current treatments for ADD and the other who agreed that I am an idiot or at loss of my faculties should be embarrassed for expressing ignorant opinions in a public forum without knowing what they are writing about. They expressed opinions about my theory without reading it because my hit counters show that nobody has looked at more than a few of my essays since the first mention of my website on this bulletin board (I have no way of telling if they read those essays they looked at either). This is a difficult topic and you will never understand any comprehensive theory of this subject matter without doing a little work. The statement about the Ritalin is ignorant because the only time frame that should be compared when comparing ways of using a drug should be that period of time that the drug remains in the body and Ritalin washes almost completely out of the body in two or three hours. The treatment I describe starts with a highest dosage in the body that is only 5-10% of that dosage used for children with ADD and that dosage is reduced in time. To say that this treatment is the same as the total dosage in a day is to speak nonsense.

During the time frame when those criticisms of my website were written, of those who followed the link through to my website from this bulletin board almost all of them only looked at the page describing the treatment but read none of the other essays explaining the theory behind the treatment and must have considered it too simplistic to have value. And, clearly those who criticized my theory did not actually read it, so they must have more interest in seeing their words posted and their ignorant opinions expressed than in actually doing the thinking required in a search for the truth.

Steven Michael Harris




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