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Re: Sounds like a question for Lar! BarbaraCat

Posted by Larry Hoover on July 19, 2004, at 10:51:31

In reply to Re: Sounds like a question for CHEMIST! Larry Hoover, posted by BarbaraCat on July 18, 2004, at 17:19:22

> Ah, Larry, you are amazing. You've been away and you have been missed! I wish I could make an appoinment with you. You've given me more info tha 20 doctors I've been to in the last 2 years.

Oh, my. I don't know what to say. thanks

> I'm a little wary of going the methyl doner path since I seem to fit the histademia model, which spells high-methylation.

You're using Pfeiffer's categories, I take it. Two things about the thinking processes involved. Invoking a model makes comprehension simpler because a model invariably leaves out information. The danger lies in treating the model as if it is a real entity (that's called reification). The second thing is that the lines between any such categorization system are arbitrary. Mother Nature herself does not draw such lines. Few people would fit nicely into those abstract pigeon-holes. Most will straddle the lines, no matter where they are placed.

> I feel like I'm in a vice with my vitamin bottles. Oh, and I have high iron levels as well and Vitamin C recirculates iron, so can't take C.

Your serum ferritin is high? You have hemochromatosis? The answer is blood-letting, not vitamin C avoidance.

> Taurine is about the only thing I trust.

I trust taurine, too. Moooooooo.

> Something's going on with my metals metabolism. Maybe it has to do with low zinc, B6.

The metals are a toughy. Different tissues have vastly different concentrations, and also ratios of concentrations. You mentioned chelation....if you had that, without receiving IV mineral reconstitution, it's little wonder your metals are messed up.

> But if not, if I over produce B6 I could get into trouble.

I wouldn't worry in the least about too much B6. Really. It would fix your sulphur problem. And you don't produce B6. We take it in its provitamin form, in supplement pills. It's not active as pyridoxine. Your liver has to phosphorylate it, to P-5-P. Then it becomes more reactive, and it can participate as a cofactor in enzymatic reactions.

> Perhaps my toxic load of mercury is at the heart of everything.

Mercury is probably the worst commonly found toxicant in existence. Its net effect is to substantially increase oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a general, non-specific effect, which targets anything vulnerable to oxidation. Guess what those things might be. High on the list are polyunsaturated fatty acids. Even higher on the list are thiols. At about the same level is DNA, but the latter has better protection than e.g. cell membranes or thiol-containing proteins.

> I'll be going to a functional MD this week for some major testing in this area. But I'd be surprised if he mentions using selenium for mercury inactivation since his lab is filled with people hooked up to chelation IV lines. I've learned my lesson in that area - no chelation for me. It gets so disheartening when it starts dawning that every one of these 'healers' we desperatly seek out are in it to extract our money.

It seems so, doesn't it?

> I am so discouraged, depressed, and angry. I go about life just fine, start making plans, taking classes, getting a life back again. And bam! I'll wake up totally in pain, fatigue, can't sleep, stiff, depressed, befuddled. I can't figure this thing out and feel like I'm spinning my wheels and spending money I don't have on my meagre disability earnings.

I can't even afford some of my own ideas. Ya, I understand that issue. I know of exactly what you describe.

> I don't care if this gets redirected to whatever category it rightly fits into. If this were you, Larry, what would you do?

One thing I would do, is to take a deep breath. Then another one, and so on, until the feeling passes.

> What supplements would you take, what doors would you pound on, who knows anything? Thanks you bearing with me during this outpouring. It helps. - Barbara

Have you ever read the articles by Dr. Pall? His links aren't working at this moment, for some reason, but...

He's developed a unified theory that relates chronic oxidative stress to the symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and PTSD, along with biochemical markers for these. He also corresponded with me a couple years back, and gave me some dietary recommendations. Unfortunately, those emails are on a malfunctioning computer, and I haven't been able to get the bugs out to access the data, yet.

I hope you gain some assurance from the fact that you do not walk this path alone.





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