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Re: need general support !!!! help shadows721

Posted by snapper on June 21, 2004, at 20:33:09

In reply to Re: need general support !!!! help, posted by shadows721 on June 21, 2004, at 19:06:08

> Snapper,
> That doc has to give you something for this anxiety. Anxiety is terribly painful and as isolating as depression in my opinion. I am on meds. While they don't get rid of it, they help it. I personally like seroquel 25 mg for sleep. It knocks me out for hours. I do mean hours. I don't really care at this point, because I am not working right now either. I am taking care of this depression/anxiety thing. The topamax has helped me too.
> Please tell that doc the anxiety is just becoming unbearable. I do know what it's like. I felt like bolts of electical current was running all through my body, before meds.
> Snapper, please, trust me. This is a chemical thing that is wrong. It needs to be treated with meds. That doc has to give you something my friend. I don't really believe that one can be isolated from the other in respect to anxiety and depression. They seem to be interconnected to me, but then again I am not a doc. I am just a fellow sufferer too.
> I have been thinking about you.

hi shadows, I had my 3rd ect treatment today and the prepatory work that goes into and up till the actual shock can be agonizing.... the IV, the waiting, the going under , feeling like I am in a full body panic attack. I expressed this to him today before the procedure and he said the meds used to treat the anxiety would be interferring with the treatment and that is why he has to treat the two conditions seperately. from the time I get to the OR recovery room where they do the procedure, take my vitals, stick in IV in me,hook up the cords and lines to monitor my heart and bodily functions, I am a complete wreck. I try not to be. But when you are sitting there all hooked up, your blood pressure is boiling, racing thoughts, nausea, trembling and all that good stuff it makes one a complete mess. He asked me if I wanted to stop the course and treat the anxiety and I basiclly declined and 10 minutes later the 'team' was in , giving me the oxygen, muscle relaxants and all the other drugs so they could perform the procedure correctly. I about threw up before procedure and felt like it after it, but thank God I did'nt. He also mentioned since I am having suicidal thinking that he thought it might be good to go in-patient and I said 'NO -WAY"! The hospital is a total angst provoking-ptsd-type experience for me. I have started the process and know that I must grin and bear it as much as possible. 3 down , 9 to go. At least thats' the plan. He just keeps telling me that the making the depression better, won't do much for my anxiety. I beleive him, but at the same time, I think he's not fully correct. Depression of any magnitude is seriously angst provoking, and any additional anxiety dis-orders , in my opinion just exacerbate the whole picture. I have said before; its' not so much the depression but the severe anxiety that makes me feel so hopless and suicidal. Theory: grin and bear it... depression remission = a lot less anxiety. I hope I am not wrong. I am so desperate. I can use all the good vibes, thoughts and prayers, that you all can throw my way! My family understands to the biggest degree but they have a hard time with the fact that I isolate and I don't want to be out doing stuff when it is just so painful to even give effort. Everything is too loud, too bright, to scary and too overwhelming right now. My future seems bleak and dispairing and sometimes just getting to the next minute is excrutiatingly painful. Thanks for listening!




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