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Posted by flipsactown on May 27, 2004, at 1:01:06

In reply to ATTN: I AM STILL THE NARDIL CHAMPION!!!!!!, posted by ace on May 22, 2004, at 1:57:20


Although I was getting mostly excellent relief from my unipolar depression, in the 6 weeks, I have taken it, I have experienced severe insomnia.

The first three weeks of the insomnia was actually a plus, in that I had so much extra time because of the insomina, that I was able to do lots of honey-do's house chores. However, because I have chronic low back pain, doing all these extra work had caused me to take more pain meds Oxy and Codeine which wreaked havoc with my home detox from Oxy.

During the next 3 weeks, the insomnia had continued nonstop even when my new pdoc Rxd Ambien. He refused to Rx Trazodone and Rxd Ambien instead. The Ambien allowed me to sleep up to 4 continuous hours at times, which was an improvement to only getting 1 to 3 hours of interrupted sleep when taking only generic Benadryl 3 to 5 hours. Other times, Ambien was ineffective even when I took the maximum 2 pills, and I had to take generic Benadryl with it and even then, recently I just could not sleep. That was the last straw for me and decided then that I needed to quit Nardil.

Yesterday, I left a message for a call back from my pdoc's nurse and was pleasantly surprised when she returned my call on the same day. I had explained my situation concerning my sleep deprivation from Nardil and if my pdoc can't Rx another sleep med that I wanted to quit Nardil as the severe insomnia was just too much for me. Although Nardil was helping with my depression, the sleep deprivation I have been experiencing the last 6 weeks of my Nardil therapy had actually been nullifying Nardil's AD effectiveness.

Today, my pdoc's nurse returned my call after her relaying the message I gave her yesterday and she said that my pdoc had recommended quitting Nardil, today, as I had already reduced my Nardil dose to 15mg for a week and that I will need to call back in two weeks where my pdoc will Rx Trazodone and possibly other AD's. Since I knew my new pdoc was also anti-MAOI and not thrilled about inheriting a Nardil patient, I did not even mention possibly switching to Parnate.

Bottomline: What do you good people think about taking Trazodone as a primary AD? Also, did I give Nardil enough time to see if the insomnia would have subsided?

Note to Ace: I already know how you feel about Nardil, since it was your posts that inspired me to try Nardil and you are the Nardil Champion, but did you experience the severe insomnia? I know everyone reacts differently, but I am just curious.


> Note to all psychobabblers....
> Ace is still the Nardil champ. Nardil is still working very well for me in terms of so many things. All this talk of other drugs is just to try to kill residual phobic/OCD symptoms....
> So remember who is the Nardil Champ...that's right it's ACE!!!!!!
> Ace
> NARDIL- (MY lifeline!) 75mg (might go to 90 soon)
> Remeron (MAKES ME A CRIMINAL!!!!)- 15mg (soon to go- or I go to prison for chocolate stealing!!!!!)




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