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I'm really sorry you've been through all that jerrympls

Posted by Racer on May 22, 2004, at 9:35:15

In reply to Re: Specifics:, posted by jerrympls on May 20, 2004, at 21:41:13

Hm. I've got a lot to say on a lot of what you've written, but I don't have it in my to type it right now. (My own crisis. Sorry.) Let me try to hit on a few top spots, see if I make any sense to myself.

First of all, I agree with whomever said that your history makes you particularly valuable for peer education. It may be too overwhelming right now, but it might be something to consider later.

I can only imagine how awful this recent experience must have been for you. I'm upset just reading it, and can't imagine how I would react to living through it. (Yes I can -- I would react badly.) I think this is a case in which baby steps in the direction of getting support are probably the first thing I'd recommend -- despite this being the medication board -- so you might think about trying to find a therapist who is willing to work with you on getting decent pdoc-treatment. I know that meds are probably in the Necessary column, but if you can't find someone to prescribe them right now, you still need some sort of interim support.

Another thought is to try your GP. Not the best answer, but a GP saved my life when I had that really criminal pdoc a few years back. My first visit, I walked in with a spread sheet showing every med I'd ever been on with side effects, etc, and a speaking outline that said things like, "I need to be involved in this, and I'm in a real crisis here, but I have a suggestion..." Despite the fact that I was a total basket case in her office, she LISTENED to my suggestion, and agreed to give it a try. Yippee. Success. (For a while, but that's another story.) Sometimes a GP can work that miracle, just because they're not so blinded by seeing ONLY people suffering some sort of mental illness. Or maybe psychiatrists go into the field for reasons having to do with their own insecurities and need to feel superior to their patients. Who knows? But a GP might be a good resource while you wait for a new pdoc.

The school should also have a process in place for you to file a grievance and appeal your dismissal. It may not do a lot of good, since you're out of that study, but they may be willing to reassign you to another doctor. Don't bother to call your doctor, just call the front desk and ask if they have a patients' rights advocate of any sort, or an ombudsman. Often, if you approach these people with an "I'm in so much pain, and have no other resources at this time, and need help" rather than a "I need to complain because i was treated so hurtfully" attitude, they'll just melt into trying to move heaven and earth for you. Good luck.

As for medications. Here's where I have an awful lot to say, but it's all colored by my own ongoing crisis regarding meds. Right this minute, I can't type it out. What I will say is this: it sounds as if you -- like me and a lot of others here -- get pretty involved in med research, etc, in trying to find something to relieve our pain. I know that that's alienated a lot of the doctors I've seen. Just as an emergency measure, just to get at least some temporary relief, I would suggest trying to hide that right now. Also, someone here suggested a while back to a really wonderful man who's helped a lot of people here and was in his own crisis over meds, that making that list of literally EVERYTHING you've ever been on, the dates, dosages, effects, S/Es, etc is the first step, always. I think he said that the list will either show you an avenue you haven't been down, a road that might be worth revisiting, or at least show you that you're not crazy to say you've tried everything. If you don't have such a list, that's a good starting place.

(Oh, the last thought: especially at a teaching hospital, the opiate suggestion probably looks like drug seeking behavior. Trust me on this one. It may or may not be a possible avenue to explore for you, but my guess is that it had a fair amount to do with the problems, just because there's this "wants opiate/obvious addict" equation that goes on. My dentist mentioned something to me about other patients wanting Percodan for recreational purposes the other day, as he was writing a script for me. Even dentists, who cause a lot of pain at times, are on the lookout as they write scrip for pain -- because these days, THEY can also be prosecuted.)

I hope that helps somehow. Good luck, and wait until Monday or Tuesday. When the regulars stop in after the weekend, you'll probably find a good suggestion here.




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