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re: Celexa and doc said no slinky

Posted by IsoM on April 21, 2004, at 0:20:46

In reply to Celexa and doc said no, posted by slinky on April 20, 2004, at 5:53:24

Dreamer, I can't comment on the cystitis - I use Celexa too (plus Provigil & Dexedrine when needed) & have no problem with cystitis. I found the withdrawal from Paxil a few years ago unbearable. Even months off the stuff, I still had brain flashes, brief bouts of dizziness, spaced out feelings & just felt like crap most of the time. It was only when I started adrafinil & then asked my doc for a prescription to Provigil that these symptoms went completely - absolutely completely!!! - & never came back.

If I were to stop Provigil, I don't know if they'd return but have no plans of stopping it. It does zilch - nada - nothing for my narcolepsy (hence the Dexedrine) but works as the best antidepressant I've ever been on & helps with motivation for me. I just hate the cost of the med as it's expensive.

But you mention pain - I've learned to live with pain from older injuries. I'm so sick of the constant pain; sometimes bearable but other times, barely, & I hate using pain killers. They soon lose effectiveness.

Now I'm not saying this is for you, but I went to a dojo in our town. The sensei is one of the best in the world - records to prove it. I talked with him about my injuries, my klutziness & lack of co-ordination & especially, about my pain. I asked him if karate would help me & be okay for me. He said it might well be but the best way was to go to a few classes free to give it a try.

I have & I love it! I really suck at it right now, but I'm told everyone has trouble at first. I want to build up my strength, agility, co-ordination & ease my pain. I'm hoping that this will help. I love the discipline that goes with it. I also have a very good helper in my yougest (22) who's been doing it for a while & is a natural. Sensei says he wants him to become a teacher too. My son helps correct my movements, adjust my stance, etc. There's so much to it that builds inner strength & stamina & makes you feel good, physically & mentally - a calmness.

Why not give something like that a try? Maybe not karate, maybe tai chi, or aikido, or something else that teaches you to use your body, control & work with it to feel better. Most places will offer some free classes to get a feel for it. It's so entirely different than "going to the gym" or exercise classes which I hate.

I mention this as a means to ease your pain & focus outside yourself while still focusing on your body. It's a different type of focus. Our mind works better when our body works well. My youngest was bothered with severe depression for a number of years & hospitalised once for it, but now, he feels good about himself & has no depression. Not saying it's a cure-all for everything or everybody, but worth a try.

So sweet of you that you noticed me again, dreamy dear.

- - - - - -
> ..but an infrequent side effect is cystitis.
> It's difficult to assess what's causing this and muscle twitching/tingling because I think my immune system is still going nuts two months after effexor discontinuation.
> I want off the celexa cause I'm going a little manic..the agitation horrible manic...and suicidle urges so ...
> Anyway..I'm sick of being sick of this med lark.
> I've ordered ultram and I'm questioning what am I really needing it for....deep down am I needing a high , pain relief , is the high that I crave normal mood anyway. ?
> Well at least I'm not drinking.
> rambling




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