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Re: Obsessing over Health Issues, Paxil?

Posted by King Vultan on April 18, 2004, at 10:17:29

In reply to Re: Obsessing over Health Issues, Paxil?, posted by Dinah on April 18, 2004, at 8:41:47

> Originally posted by Andyboy 4/17/04
> > Hi All,
> > Been well over a year since my last post. Have had GAD and PD for approx 7 years now- the last three held greatly in check with 3mg Klono/day. However- Ive ALWAYS been a worrier- if its not one thing its another...relationships, physical health, shoot- even the Yankees! :) Anyhow after 2 years of being single ive recently met a wonderful girl who has definitely peaked my interest. We are hitting it off quite well- but heres the catch- now that i no longer obsess over finding a great girl- other problems creep in- now its a spastic/nervous bladder condition that ive had for 2+ years. Seens many docs, urologists, etc- no real cause- they claim its psychological- i say its 50/50. OK so with this being seems then when my mind is free from worry over one issue- another kindly takes its place. The female issue was gone- so now the bladder problem steps to the plate. Granted, it is HARDLY a problem- no pain, minor discomfort, its just the feeling that i have to go often- and i OBSESS over it- almost literally looking at the clock to wait to see when i have to go again!! Its driving me bananas!!! So, summing this tirade up...seeing that there is no treatment for my real or imaginary spastic bladder (Detrol and Ditropan ineffective) I think its time I stop putting off Paxil. Doc prescribed it a year ago- took it for a day and now its collecting dust. If i cant cure the urological hoping that the Paxil will control my OBSESSION over it..or whatever the next "crisis" may be. If youy are still reading this THANK YOU!! :) Any feedback would be great!!!!

While I agree that you are probably obsessing over your condition somewhat excessively, I've suffered from an overactive bladder myself for years and agree that it can be rather distracting. The key for me came during my experience taking tricyclic antidepressants last year and the increased difficulties some of them caused me when urinating. In addition to an overactive bladder, I also have a somewhat constricted prostate (I do not technically have BPH, as my prostate is not enlarged; it is simply hypersensitive).

I happened to be seeing a urologist for another matter and asked for an alpha-1 blocker to see if it could help me as it does for men who have BPH. The drug I was prescribed was Flomax, and I found that it not only relieved my urination difficulties, but it drastically reduced the feelings of urinary urgency. I found myself actually able to sit through a two hour conference call without too much discomfort, this in the morning after drinking coffee. I think it's ironic that you were prescribed such strong anticholinergic agents for your condition when the drug that finally drove me to ask for help was the very strongly anticholinergic tricyclic antidepressant protriptyline (Vivactil), which I found to be brutal as far as exacerbating bladder hyperactivity.

Our company changed insurance this year, and the Flomax went from being a 30% copay on about $70 worth of drug to a flat $50 copay (how intelligent is that?). Being a notorious tightwad, I switched to the generic alpha-1 blocker doxazosin, which is only a $10 copay on about $30 worth of drug. It is not as selective for the alpha receptors in the prostate as the Flomax and can have more of an effect on lowering blood pressure, but I have not noticed a difference.

As for your obsessive worrying, I've also suffered from the exact same thing in the past. I did find serotonergic drugs such as SSRIs helpful, and after being on them for years, I do find that the problem has been permanently and drastically reduced, at least as far as excessive worrying. My obsessive compulsiveness in general has also been reduced, but to not the same extent, and remains an ongoing challenge.





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