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Re: How long before ..

Posted by Questionmark on October 21, 2003, at 0:05:06

In reply to Re: How long before MAOIs start to work ?, posted by cubbybear on October 16, 2003, at 6:21:28

Don, first off just wanted to say that if you can get generic Ritalin (methylphenidate) it should be much cheaper.
Nardil worked for me in almost the same exact time frame that Paxil did-- except that the first few days i felt nothing on Nardil. The next few days (or first few in the case of Paxil) definitely met me with considerable relief from my anxiety and severe depression (but more relief from the former). Then i experience about a week and a half of feeling somewhat worse than i normally even do. Then after this, its effectiveness began again and hasn't subsided since-- except for a little bit when i increased my dose. (i've been on 60mg for about a couple months). i have heard the same thing occur with everyone i personally know who's been on an SSRI-- the initial worsening of depression followed by therapeutic action after about a couple weeks. This comes as no surprise as it coincides with the 5-HT autoreceptor changes that take place when starting a drug that increases synaptic 5-HT levels. Thus it is not very suprising that the time frame of Nardil's action is quite similar, since it seems to be more serotonergic than anything. And i know that this doesn't mean that everyone experiences the same thing as i have. But my point is this: when people say they experience something just a few days after starting an MAOI, this should not be considered impossible. However, it will usually take 2 to 4 or so weeks for the therapeutic effects to take place and remain, because of the aforementioned reasons. So keep that in mind when starting an MAOI, or any antidep for that matter. (i assume that non-serotonergic meds work in a similar fashion).
Cubbybear, would you mind describing what your experience with Parnate feels like in the beginning of treatment, before the approximately 18 to 27 days when it starts to work? i mean do you feel anything? If so what is it like, and how does it compare and differ from when you notice it's beneficial effects start to kick in? i'm really curious, cuz i was on Parnate for a little over a month and then quit. It made me so much more emotional that the psychological pain was overwhelming. And the anxiety was worse, plus irritability, and appetite reduction, and so on. So i'm curious if that goes away to some extent after awhile. Thanks.
Ame Sans Vie, i would be totally hesitant to say this if so many things didnt suggest that what i'm gonna say might be true. But, i really think it seems like you got a bad batch of Nardil when you were on it. i mean 120mg and hardly experienced anything, even side effect-wise? That really makes me wonder.




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