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Re: Use and Abuse femlite

Posted by Elle2021 on October 19, 2003, at 22:33:24

In reply to Use and Abuse Elle2021, posted by femlite on October 19, 2003, at 7:34:54

Hi Femlite,
Thanks for you kind words. :) People told me the same thing, that I would end up in rehab if I didn't stop taking Vicodin, but I didn't. They just didn't understand WHY I was taking it. Not because I was addicted to being "high" but because I felt NORMAL!

I know I won't find a doctor who will prescribe it to me for anxiety. I think it's funny and sort of a paradox how doctors will prescribe it for physical pain, but not emotional pain...doesn't make sense to me.

I totally understand what you mean about having huge cocktails of meds. I have been prescribed tons of different ones, but so far, none help (except one of course...Vicodin)! So, I just keep taking this Paxil and mostly throwing it back up because it makes me sick to my stomach. I rely mostly on my benzos (Ativan) if I want to make it through the day...Klonopin if I want to forget everything and float through the week...:)

Love talking to you!
> Hey Elle ,
> It really scared me wehen a good friend told me I was going to end up in rehab because of my use of opiod meds. I have fibromiyalgia and chronic back pain. I stopped taking them on the spot (so much for addtion withdraw) I read up.
> My friend convinced me that I was displacing my need for psycho active meds. on my use of opiods. About this idea, I believed she was correct, because the more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me that my depression and mood swings had abated that whole year. I was still in pain. But I asked for her advise and she gave it, psych drugs are safer, and less addicting.
> Having now followed her advice, I believe the possibility exist that I may end up on opiod medication again. Why.....? glad you asked
> 1.The meds Im on now are helping my motivation and depression but doing nothing for my back pain and causing me to have anxiety, the likes of which I have never know.
> 2. Now that I have an anxiety problem Ive been prescribed benzodiazapines ("a very safe and non addicitng drug" right?)
> 3.The addiction propaganda on benzodiazapines is far scarier than any thing Ive read about opiods.
> 4. After having been a good patient an allowed them to turn me about with one med cocktail after another with with little or no sucess...
> 5. I may just decide that it is whole lot easier to take ONE med that WORKS
> You've got it right, but its hard to move in that direction with out professional help. And you should have professional monitoring,
> because after all we are not drug addicts, just people who need pharmacuetical help.
> And isn't it wonderful how the pharm companies and doctors have all been so glad to help us with one wonder drug or another.
> Its amazing how acceptable drug ussage has become. (certain drugs, anyway)
> Well for now, we have to play guinee pig and keep voicing our opinion (loudly) that there isnt any med cocktail on earth that makes us feel like an opiod.
> It was the happiest year of my life.
> But as I am not an addict, (and I have drawers full of the stuff, I've not used since) I will continue on the socialbly acceptable path of taking more and more professionally prescribed medications to make me feel normal.
> I have completly digressed, forgive me.
> Yes tolerance is a real and dangerous issue.There is a medication you can take in small amonuts with opiods that eliminates the problem of tolerance. I cant look it up right now, but if you go back through the archives youll find it. Type opiod tolerance in the search window.
> Your not likely to find a doctor who will prescribe opiods off label (for something other than pain)
> Bless you for your honesty.
> I dont want to suggest that any meds are the answer to anyones problems, not even my own, but many of us cant seem to move forward with out a little help.
> Users take drugs to move on with life
> Abusers take drugs to quit
> > Hi Femlite,
> > Thanks so much for your response! What is your personal opinion on the issue?
> > -Elle




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