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Re: promises, promises

Posted by Mike Oxsbig on August 11, 2003, at 12:58:19

In reply to Re: promises, promises Mike Oxsbig, posted by Lasagne on August 9, 2003, at 12:12:03


For some reason I feel like making something Italian for dinner. Don't know why

My doc started me out on Lexapro before I took anything specific for ADD. Just to let you know I am innattentive with that tendency to over focus. He felt that I had some anxiety issues. My own diagnosis is that the ADD causes me to fail at work which is causing the anxiety and stress. If I didn't have any financial concerns I would not have any anxiety or stress.

I will be going back on 36mg of concerta. I have taken the 54mg in the past. One of the things that I realized after going off of concerta was that I became a caffeine addict while I was taking it. I think the caffeine had a negative impact on my functioning at work. When I stopped the concerta I couldn't handle much caffeine due to hypoglycemic reactions shortly after consumption. I feel much more in control since cutting out all caffeine.

The compulsive question is a good one. The over focus, I believe and my formere ADD coach concurred that it is my way of task avoidance. I procrastinate and if I am doing something that seems productive then I'm not procrastinating until the day is over and I've spent the day doing something that makes me no money nor helps me reach any goals. I would say impulsive over compulsive.

I do get stuck and my ADD coach discussed this at length. He mentioned that it is hard for me/us to just switch back to the things we need/should do. For instance, he told me that if I find myself in a rut that instead of just trying to change focus to get out of the office, take a walk, etc.. to clear my head and to refocus.

I would actually like to stop taking the lexapro while on Concerta. I almost feel that the lexapro makes me too happy. I think that some anxiety and stress would help motivate me at least in the short term. However, I do like the fact that when I wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking about all the things I didn't get done, I am able to turn it off and go back to sleep. Prior to lexapro it was routine for me to have to get up and read or watch tv for a couple of hours once my mind got racing.

Addrall may be another good option to try.

> Hey Mike:
> My husband had the same sexual side effect when taking the Strattera. The doctor then switched him to Concerta. He also takes Wellbutrin. The combo seems to really help him. He was having depression problems with his ADHD. The Wellbutrin is also used to help the impulsiveness that ADHDers experience.
> What dose of Concerta are you taking? Do you feel like your over-focusing is of the compulsive nature? Do you feel like your brain gets stuck and you feel anxiety if you don't continue?
> If so, then you need to talk to your doctor and see if he can prescribe you something to take along side the Concerta. There may be a co-existing anxiety problem. A lot of times there is more going on than just simple ADD/ADHD. I am in that category and so is my oldest son. I take Strattera, Prozac, and Buspar. My son takes Strattera, Celexa, and Zyprexa, and Adderall XR when he is in school. Also, you might want to consider switching your stimulant medication to Adderall XR to see if you experience the same feelings that you have on the Concerta.
> Lasagna




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