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Re: drinking on Effexor zinya

Posted by mercedes on July 13, 2003, at 20:47:21

In reply to Re: drinking on Effexor mercedes, posted by zinya on July 13, 2003, at 18:31:53

Hi Zinya,
Yes, I take precautions. I usually hold my drink with two hands so I won't spill it in case I get dizzy.....just kidding..,:)

First I want to say that I do not encourage drinking on any kind of AD's. And this comes from someone who drank everyday after being raped nearly 7 years ago. I eased up once starting therapy.

But to answer your question Z, I too, had the bad affects 2-3 day setback when I was taking the effexor in the evening so I stopped drinking all together.

I think that since taking my effexor mid-morning with food, and making sure I eat something (which I force myself to do because I have no appetite, sometimes I just have bread & cheese) before I drink and I don't get bad effects. I do NOT however take my last dose of xanex before drinking or after. I usually have the best sleep, like a full 8 hours, then I just start my meds. as usual the next morning.

The other thing I do is set a goal, ie., I have to pull weeds, or mop my kitchen floor or vacume, things I don't like to do. Then I give myself permission to occasionally go to Kareoke or drink at a birthday party or something like that. The first time I tried this I had my drink at home, cuz I wasn't sure how my body or mind would react.
No bad effects.

Congratulations on doing some trimming on the deck. I'm so happy to hear that you are getting some work done. I know it takes alot to come up with the energy to do something like that. Just remember to pat yourself on the back when you do that. And here's my pat on the back to you. Pat...pat. You've been more productive than me today. The weather where you are sounds like the weather here where I am. I live in a small town near Fresno, CA. hot but a bit breezy.
Wishing good things for you...and keep on writing.
> hi again mercedes,
> You mentioned that you hadn't been "hardly" drinking since going on Effexor. Like you, i too decided I just had to quit entirely when I started Effexor, and actually had already quit completely a couple of months before that, hoping that eliminating alcohol by itself would have helped my depression even without starting Effexor but when it hadn't, i finally decided to take the chance on Effexor's side effects and started taking it.
> But i do occasionally think it would be nice. Anyone who's reported here about trying to have a drink while on Effexor said it set them back for 2-3 days afterwards and they regretted it.
> Are there any precautions you take when you do have a drink now to keep from having side effects?
> hope you're (all) having a good Sunday. I just came in from doing some trimming on the deck, standing in the shade the whole time (it is a hot day here but i was in a cool breeze and in the shade) and yet i was soon dripping with sweat the whole time, the one bugaboo it seems of Effexor, and had to come in and take a shower just from a little trimming in the shade! I've never been a sweat-er my whole life. Granted, this isn't a debilitating side effect but still the one really persistent and annoying one. Oh well... :))
> zinya




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