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Re: Effexor Withdrawal Highly Overrated luckyspec

Posted by Napaba on April 3, 2003, at 7:36:02

In reply to Re: Effexor Withdrawal Highly Overrated Sean9, posted by luckyspec on April 3, 2003, at 1:45:28

Your the sick little man luckyspec. GET SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!

The FDA cares not of your troubles.
> You have not taken responsibility of yourself and allowed a drug to mask your illness. Now after you take a little responsibility for yourself and look to get off the drug, you learn it is very difficult. Yes, responsibility is a burden of truth. Most can not handle it...that is why you choose to be victims. Go on and live your life. Be happy, live healthy lives...but do not come to me with a problem that you could have prevented. You cause your own problems, little man.
> Prevention is a foreign word to you isn't it?
> You must treat the say. They are important. You lose sight of the cause, and allow others to control you, to tell you what to do and how you can solve your problem. But you do not wish to nor care to take responsibility for yourself and search deep within to find out the real trouble that disturbs you.
> You are really sick but you wish not to confront your illness but to hide it. Go on hiding it, little man, you will soon become a zombie, a robot like being, a shadow of your former self. But you say, 'I feel different now, more alive'. Do you really, or is it the 'drugs' making you numb to life and causing you to think you are high on life and feeling better. Reality hits you hard, little man, when you take yourself of the pills and you begin to notice the depth of your troubles. You are really sick, little man.
> How can you go on and accept your fate, little man? How do you go on living life as such and enjoy being the victim? How do you not take responsibility of your own body? Deny yourself pleasure and accept pain as your destiny, then mask it even more and hide under the covers of the night sleeping long and lonely nights.
> Why should be the question. The why is really more important then the how. If you have the why, the how finds itself. But you don't know why, little man, do you? You sit there and victimize yourself, you little man. I feel sorry for you, and I feel that I can help you...but I can't. I have learned that the only person that can be helped is one that wants help. Also a stronger character is needed in order to know that popping pills is like drinking alcohol to drown your sorrow. You must therefore be of strong enough will to take a step toward the truth and find out for yourself that drugs simply mask your problem. You do have a problem...yes, it is deeply rooted. But not since birth, you can not deny your faulty logic when you talk about your chemical imbalance at age 15 or so and then say that drugs helped you. You were not imbalanced before then, why should you need drugs.
> Go on taking synthetics, which polute your body and make you more ill then before. The industry of drugs wants you to. But why should I tell you something you already know they want you to be ill because without illness there would not exist an FDA nor the Pharmaceutical industry, and no need would arise to create one. But I won't tell you this. It is something you don't wish to hear. You are ill and want an easy solution, but you are not willing to work on yourself, really work. You want the problem solved in a moments notice. You are a consumer. Go on consuming your own shit little man. Your own troubles will be spouted right from your depth of sorrow. These consumed 'goods' will become your end, and are your sick beginning.
> "You're sick, little man, very sick. It's not your fault; but it's your responsibility to get well." - Wilhelm Reich




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