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Re: PLEASE Read. Does ANYBODY relate to this?

Posted by daizy on February 25, 2003, at 8:43:46

In reply to PLEASE Read. Does ANYBODY relate to this?, posted by McPac on February 25, 2003, at 1:39:13

> I'm wondering if this could be due to an ssri. (I take Zoloft).
> There are times, NOT all the time, when my brain just seems to 'stop' working. For instance, I may read a very simple, uncomplicated sentence 3, 4, 5 times and it does not REGISTER. Or maybe read a paragraph or two and then realize that not a single thing registered. It's as if I never even read it! I'm not talking about reading something that needs much deciphering but rather it could be a tiny, totally uncomplicated thing that I could read several times and it has no meaning. And perhaps I could then read it again and, voila, all of a sudden my 'senses' return and my brain understands just perfectly. It's like my brain sometimes just 'stops'! And then restarts working. Here's another example, somebody could be talking to me (nobody else around, no distractions AT ALL) and I haven't 'heard' a word they other words, their words did NOT register. It's a type of 'focus problem' where my brain is COMPLETELY unable to focus at times. But it's DIFFERENT than just daydreaming. NOTHING is registering. Here's another example, maybe someone will try to show me how to do something (pick the most simplest, easiest thing you can imagine) but I won't be able to do it because it NEVER registered in my brain. When this happens, I feel completely retarded...literally! And then my brain will 'snap' out of it and I'll be fine again. I've heard of the term "brain fog" but this seems worse than just fogginess or's more like I just want to say, "My brain is not working at all right now but give me a few seconds or minutes and wait until it decides to work again". It's like I CAN'T THINK! Oftentimes I'll have a 'swirling' type feeling in my head at those times. It feels like friggin' alzheimer's but I know it's not that...I'm FAR too young! One more example I just thought of...say I'm taking a test or quiz......I can do very, very well on the test BUT it might take me 5 times as long as others to do the test...NOT because the questions are difficult but because my completely unfocused brain can't focus! Is this "brain fog" to an extreme? Does this sound familiar to ANYBODY? Thanks for all your thoughtful replies!!!

It sounds very familiar! Its awful when it happens when people are talking to me, because they think Im just ignoring them, its not even like Ididnt hear them speak, or understand what they say, Just that it didnt Register. Literally like it went in one ear and came out the other, totally bypassed my brain! (if I even have one!)




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