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Re: Generic Adderall? noa

Posted by Ritch on February 17, 2003, at 20:58:05

In reply to Re: Generic Adderall?, posted by noa on February 16, 2003, at 19:00:34

> Were those medium blue pills generic? Why was it labeled "Adderall" then?

Hi Noa, they weren't labeled Adderall. They were labeled "AMPHETAMINE TAB 5MG". But they were supposed to be composed of the same 4 salts that Adderall is composed of. They seemed to be the same, but dividing the tablets proved dicey. They tended to crumble really easy. Adderall cracked in half very easily and cleanly. Not taking any stims now though.

> Now I take the XR, so I can't check on the scrip label for the blue onees.
> Interestingly, recently at my GP, he was writing out my scrip for Cytomel, which in name-brand, and we looked in the 2002 PDR, and the picture in there of the 25 mcg. pill was different than what I have taken for 7 years! OTOH, the 50 mcg. pill looked exactly like what I've been taking for 7 years. I think it was actually a mistake in the book, though, because I have had this scrip filled over and over and by a number of pharmacies over the years, and all of them look like this and all of them say "25 mcg." on the label. In any event, it has been working!

It sounds like it is the right stuff-although that book would set me to wondering a little.

> About your brother--how insensitive can the pharmacy be? Instead of talking to your family about getting back the meds, they should be on the phone with their attorneys, no? Or maybe it was the attorneys who told them to get the meds back, so your family would have no evidence.

That's what my sister-in-law thought. That's why she wouldn't give them back the wrong medication bottle. I don't think they are suing or anything like that (my brother is fine), they just wanted to make the pharmacy paranoid!

> I just thought of another mistake that happened to me. I filled my adderall a few years ago, then opened them and they were purple--ie, 20 mg instead of 10 mg. I called the pharmacy and spoke with the pharmacist who had filled it, and he was very upset and asked me to bring it back asap. I asked couldn't I just break them in half and benefit from the fact that the supply would last longer (I was actually serious, though I kind of knew what the answer would be) but he begged me to bring them back. I had found this particular pharmacist particularly helpful on a number of occasions, so I didn't want him to get in trouble. Heck, I would have brought them back anyway, no matter who the pharmacist was. (I called the pharmacy to report it, didn't I?).

He was really worried because they would probably show a shortage when inventory was done. That's probably what would happen with my clonazepam goof. But, I REALLY wonder if my pharmacist didn't have the .5mg tabs and didn't care to give me the 1.0 mg "by mistake". Hey, at $2 a fill he would probably rather have me have more medication rather than less-that way he doesn't waste his time filling it very often! :)




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