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Re: Started Strattera Yesterday Woo-Hoo! HADD Enough

Posted by SLynn on February 2, 2003, at 12:35:18

In reply to Started Strattera Yesterday Woo-Hoo!, posted by HADD Enough on February 2, 2003, at 8:32:26

> Hi All,
> I've been reading this thread with avid interest for several days and this community looks to be really helpful and supportive...I'm looking forward to contributing...I'm a 50yr old male and I have had severe ADD for as long as I can remember. I was not diagnosed, however, until about two years ago. Since then I have tried Ritalin and Concerta and, while they helped a little, I did not like the jittery feelings I got on stims. Also, I have high blood pressure and the stims only make this worse.
> My ADD has almost destroyed my marriage, mostly because of my moodiness, tuning out, and impulsive anger. I'm not depressed and have not really tried any other brain chemistry altering drugs other than the stims but my pDoc has heard good things about Strattera, and at my last appt. he gave me a sample pack. I'm a pretty reluctant drug-taker but saving my marriage is my main concern right now so I started on 40mg of Strattera yesterday.
> I know that neurotransmitter altering drugs generally take a couple to several weeks to be fully effective, but I have to say that, as opposed to Ritalin which was much more "violent" when it kicked in, the Strattera was much more subtle...I have not felt this clear and focused in years! I hope this is not wishful thinking but it is as if all the "static" in my mind has been muted and I can begin to sort out my chaotic thoughts.
> The only side effect I've noticed so far is a slight feeling of "spaceyness", but it is not a big deal. If this is the worst of it, hooray!! I will really try to reserve judgement for a few weeks, and I plan to try upping my dosage to 60 or 80mg/day in a couple of days. I'll post updates for as long as folks are interested. Thanks.
> Cheers
> HADD Enough


I am so glad that the Strattera is working for you! I am thrilled so far with this new ADD medication myself.

My son (he is 9) started it yesterday. He weighs 65 pounds and they started him on 18 mg...he is to take it for 4 days then increase to 25mg. He was pretty tired all day, but he was not near as "figity". He seemed pretty alert, but the tiredness really got to him. However, he had "tics" on the stimulants and they are now stopping! I am so relieved. Also, he did not get sick...which from what I have read, is a sign of an allergic reaction. They say that the Strattera takes time, so if you are feeling this much better already, just think how you will feel after the next 7 days or so. Also, the "spaciness" that you are feeling seems to be pretty normal the first few days (from everything that I have son is doing the same thing). How did you sleep while on the Strattera compared to the stimulants? My son fell asleep on the floor at 8:30 last night and I had to get him up at 9:45 this morning. I could not believe it! Usually, I cannot get him to go to sleep or sleep peacefully all night. He had the best sleep last night than he has had in years! Please keep us all posted on your progress...this medication is so new that is nice to read about what others are going through. I am so glad to get my son off of stimulants (he has been on them for 3 years)...they have really messed him up. I am praying this new drug will work for everyone out there who is sensitive to the stimulant medications. Congratulations and keep us informed!!!





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