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Re: Use of opiates in treating depression

Posted by MoQ on December 29, 2002, at 11:21:07

In reply to Re: Use of opiates in treating depression MoQ, posted by ShelliR on December 19, 2002, at 21:15:51

> Dear MoQ,
> I was very much like you when I first started taking vicodin: for several years a very small amount took care of my depression when my AD didn't work. First only premenstrually, then all the time. But my story sort of goes downhill, so be careful.
> I was put on oxycontin instead of vicodin, because this new psychiatrist thought it was better because it lasted longer. I got habituated very quickly and had to go up and up until I no longer could afford it. Now I'm on methadone, which doesn't have as good an effect, but is a lot cheaper. But even with the methadone, in order for it to be effective, I'm on a large dose, and unless I keep increasing, it loses its effectiveness for my depression.
> If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't bother finding a psychiatrist to prescribe opiates. I'd get it from a pain doctor and I would stick with the vicodin--the very least I could get away with. I think the oxycontin really messed me up because now even a large dose of vicodin does nothing.
> There's a woman on this board, Elizabeth. I'm sure you've run into her posts about buprenorphine if you're doing searches on opiates and depression. She was able to get it from her psychiatrists, but it is only available in liquid form for injections. She uses it intranasally. It was supposed to go on the market here in a sublingual form as an alternative to methadone, but they've put it off at least a year. It's a partial opiate and seems to help people not crave heroin--like methadone. There was a small study on it's an abstract, but I know the whole study is on the internet. Buprenorphine is also "addictive", really the right word is "habituating".
> The other bad thing about using opiates for depression is that if you have to go into a hospital, they treat you like shit, like you are a street addict. I kept blacking out from the large doses of effexor they were giving me, but they blamed it on coming off the oxycontin, so they couldn't care less. Anyway, if it's the only thing that works for you, I would go for it, but I'd be surprised if you'll get any support from a psychopharmacologist. The guys from the study no longer prescribe it because they were sued by someone who blamed their dependence on buprenorphine on them.
> Sorry, for the bad news, but it's important to know what you may be getting yourself in to. Still, while I am trying other ADs, and homeopothy and acupuncture, I am still taking methadone, because it has kept me alive. Just be careful.
> Shellli

By the way, thank you so much for the link you provided. I was able to garner a lot of information that may be useful in my ongoing quest. Thanks again!




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