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Re: Paxil - Remeron - Clonazepam Social Anxiety

Posted by utopizen on September 20, 2002, at 0:02:24

In reply to Paxil - Remeron - Clonazepam Social Anxiety, posted by k23d on September 19, 2002, at 23:10:07

Klonopin is great in treatment-resistant patients... but I'm personally seeing benefits in trying as many drugs as I can before resorting to them. And I've been trying different meds for social anx. for a year now.

It's a *good* thing if you could ever find a med that worked consistently before trying klonopin. I know you're anxious about curing your anxiety, but klonopin isn't a miracle drug because it only lasts for the time you take it- it's not like it re-wires your brain or anything.

Try Neurontin if you can... if you try a high enough dose (I try 1600 sometimes at once) it may really help you find a thing that's non-addictive.

Then your doctor might say, "Okay, if you're willing to work with me that way, I'd be happy to give you take as needed doses of klonopin each month for emergencies." My doctor sometimes gives me 15 .5mg pills, although it seems like that depends on what his mood is that day...

Hang in there! : ) If you're afraid you're not being treated quickly enough, maybe you could also say to your doctor "if I try this pill for a trial, could I take some klonopin while I wait to see if it kicks in?"

I'm sure if you work with your doctor in this way, he'll seem more accomodating. I like to think of Klonopin as an emergency axe, not a cane... but I understand how others can view different philosophies with it... I do understand how it feels to being socially anxious and not get the magical cure the Paxil ad promised before you searched for your doctor.
> Posted a while back on my treatment with paxil, disatisfaction with SE and what my thoughts were regarding future treatment. This is a quick follow up for those that are interested.
> I've been generally socially anxious since as early age as I can remember and phobic (with panic) for about the past 12 years (27yo now). Realised what it was about 3 years ago.
> I've done a group CBT approach for 9 mnths and still continue this on an ongoing basis one on one.
> I got my first pdoc about 2 months ago when I wasn't happy with gp prescribed paxil and it's SE. Firstly the pdoc refused to ever consider treatment with BZD. He even didn't want me taking beta blockers for phobic situations given the psychological dependence...
> He moved me to remeron 30mg at night and I gotta tell you that for the first month it was a miracle drug. I was socially outgoing, had no panic in phobic situations, had zero procrastination, was motivated and I slept well for the first time in years too.
> SE were initially weight gain and high level of aggitation. I snapped at everything. But both of these went away after about 3 weeks.
> For the past two weeks it has slowly lost effect on me and now only helps with a general level of sociability (Which is positive). However phobic situations have rebounded with a vengeance as has procrastination.
> I've asked my gp to refer me to an anxiety specialist who isn't afraid of benzos. I'm going to give clonazepam twice daily (potentially together with the remeron at night) a try if someone will give it to me.
> BTW, paxil worked a treat for me although some situations were still quite high anxiety whise. However the apathy, lack of orgasm, feeling drugged and the appetite of a bull were too much to cope with.
> Anyway, there's my story to help anyone else who's on the boat. Comments appreciated re any other methods of success ppl have had.
> K23d




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