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Re: Experiences with Psych Meds and Sinus problems? Rick

Posted by IsoM on August 20, 2002, at 15:42:36

In reply to Experiences with Psych Meds and Sinus problems?, posted by Rick on August 20, 2002, at 14:53:35

Rick, I read your comment saying I was one of your favourites. Thanks, I was ready to quit PB entirely - Bob's policies I feel are very wrong & set my teeth on edge, but will look in on the med board from time to time as I care about the people here.

I've got post-nasal problems & plugged passages (especially in the evening) too, but I have absolutely no allergies. But I've noticed that when air quality gets bad in summer, it's a little worse. Sensitivities, rather than allergies. Do you live in the city? What's the air like? Some people are more sensitive to pollution than others.

Do you yawn lots? Yawning causes my eyes to water lots, & nose to run, plugging me up & adding to the problem. I'd like to try an extended stay for a couple of weeks in pure, clean mountain air & see if things improved.

My mucus secretions are clear & watery initially, (from all the yawning) but through the night, it thickens, but still isn't coloured. Clear or whitish secretions mean there's no bacterial infection. You can tell because it'll start getting yellowish, or even worse, greenish.

If you try a saline only nasal spray frequently though the day, it will serve to thin out the secretions, allowing you to blow your nose better, clearing out any thickening mucus. Any AD that has some anti-cholinergic effects will tend to dry out your mucus membranes, sometimes making congestion seem worse by thickening the secretions. Nasal irrigators didn't help me & I think only irritated my membranes more.

Chewing xylitol gum helps to keep my mouth wetter, giving me more salvia to swallow. Thus my throat doesn't feel sore or dried out. I agree with your theory about your sore throat & polyps. (Xylitol is a caries-fighting type of sugar used in some gums like Trident as a decay preventitive.)

The crevices & bumps on your tongue I'm not sure of. I'm sensitive to sodium lauryl sulfate that's found in almost every toothpaste. Since switching to a toothpaste that doesn't have it, I haven't had any canker sores or cracks in my tongue. Sodium lauryl sulfate can break down the top layer of cellular membrane on your tongue, gums & inside lining of your mouth. It causes that horrible, bitter taste you get drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. Even toothpaste in health food stores generally have it. It's can be difficult to find one without.

The bumps & crevices might also be from a mild vitamin B complex deficiency, or even perhaps a fungal (thrush) infection?




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