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Re: Gabbi...what is your new cocktail? Gabbi

Posted by jay on August 11, 2002, at 18:46:08

In reply to Re: Gabbi...what is your new cocktail?, posted by Gabbi on August 9, 2002, at 18:39:15

Hi Gabbi:

(My apologies to Dr. Bob...this is just one paragraph of non-med stuff..I promise. :-) Canucks gotta look out for each other, eh?..hehe. Now...about the f*&ing government...I have *hated* the Conservatives since day 1, because the go after the poor, the ones on welfare, the sick, etc. They are a bunch of arrogant, selfish, mean idiots, who like to pick on the less-fortunate. When they first got elected in 1995, the first group they went after where those on welfare, and I have studies (I took social work in college) that show that less then .01 percent of people on welfare *truly* abuse the system. Meanwhile, look at Enron, Worldcom, greedy, selfish theives, corporations who only care about themselves. Government and Business are in bed with each other, and the face of capitalism MUST change. (/rant) my heart and empathy are with you. I might suggest getting in touch with the Parkdale Community Legal Centre in Toronto, as they take on cases like yours, and you can sue the a** off the government.

About hear a lot of 'scarry' stories on here, but I will give you my advise from my experience. (And no, it is not that bad..)
First...start on the lowest dose possible...and stay there for months if you have to, until you feel little side effects. The body needs to adjust to the med. (Use benzos as much as needed.)
After which...I would say go to 75mg...then the same...and to a max of 150mg. I've been on the drug for five years, at all doses, and the higher doses may bring a quick 'zip' of relief, but then the side effects kick in, and you become a zombie. I am a pretty big guy too, at 5'11", 230lbs.

I also take a small dose of Zyprexa, 5mg's, which helps a bit with mood stabalization and a bit with sleep.(I go on Epival/Depakote when I get a bad 'manic' spell.) I am not sure about Risperdal or Seroquel. The Zyprexa may work against your Dexedrine, so I don't know about that also.

Myself, my doc has me as BPII with rapid cycling,
and both major depression and major anxiety.(Every type of anxiety, actually..GAD, SP, etc.)
My doc told me he is not really worried about the diagnosis, but rather the symptoms. That is good for me, because he goes through my symptoms, and matches the med.

So...please let me know what you think about what I have said, and how you are doing. I hope you are doing well. The Effexor may be a bit of a rough ride, but I have done several studies on myself, one on Effexor, and one off it, and I am much, much better on it.

Ohhh..and just to not...also...try to clear up as many life issues as you can. Just one at a time. For example..I had a MAJOR dental phobia...neglected dentist for two years, and now that I have my dental work, I feel like a ton of bricks have come off my shoulder. That is just one of many examples.

Please let me know how you are doing...and sorry for the long post.


> Wow Jay
> I really needed that post of yours, just that feeling of connection eh? Seriously, I'm attempting to battle the Gov who wants me to repay my welfare benefits because somehow they decided I made 43000 dollars last year. My huge earnings were actually 7200, and now they are threatening to not give me my cheque this month ARRRGGHH That and a medication change too much.
> Oh that was really social babble stuff, but your post really helped scrape me from the ceiling.
> Lets see, Doc says my Prozac probably stopped being effective, so I'm lowering my dose gradually while adding Effexor slowly, I got myself off Benzos with the aid of vit C. 3wks ago never been able to stop them before, so now I've got trazedone 50mgs for the anxiety, which might be stopped if the effexor works for that also I'm still prescribed cytomel and dexedrine I think thats everything.
> My official title is Miss Major progressive unipolor refractory depression w/comorbid anxiety, its been eight years with a few blessed remissions. Whats your Title?
> Many Thanks from a grateful Gabbi.




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