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Re: MAOI diet short list

Posted by Bobbiedobbs on July 16, 2002, at 0:23:58

In reply to Re: MAOI diet short list, posted by LLL on July 15, 2002, at 14:57:33

I happened to be exploring vegetarianism and posed the question of food tolerances to specialist at GlaxoSmithKline, the company which manufacturers Parnate. He told me to refrain from the following: Tofu, Tempeh, Tamari Sauce, soy sauce and any kind of fermented soy bean product or fermented bean curd (PLUS mISO SOUP!!) I'd just note here that others who have posted on this site have said that tofu (if not fermented) was OK. While your doctor or pharmacist should be able to answer questions, I've found the folks at GlaxoSmithKline to be very helpful. The Customer Service Line 1-888-825-5249.
I've taken Nardil (another MAO) and Parnate for years and never had a problem with any type of cooking vinegar or sesame oil. Marsala wine, strictly speaking, is on the no-no list but I've had Marsala wine and sauce without any problem.
For the first several years when I was taking an MAO I watched my diet like a hawk. I loosened the food restrictions considerably after reading several studies published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (March, 1996) and Lancet. These studies actually measured tyramine content and did exhaustive reviews of literature. The conclusion was that MAOI diets were excessively restrictive and founded on poor scientific evidence. They recommend users avoid aged cheeses, aged or cured meats, potentially spoiled meats, broad bean pods, yeast extract, sauerkraft, soy sauce and 'soy bean condiments" but considered wine (red or white) and domestic or bottled beer safe in moderation (as well as mozzarella and processed american cheese!). Anyway, on the foods of interest to you, they (David Gardner, Kenneth Shulman, Scott Walker and Sandra Tailor, Dpt. of psychiatry, Sunnybrook health Science Centre, Toronto, Canada state the following:
"Other yeast extracts (e.g. brewer's yeast) contain no significant amounts of tyraminE nor do (MSG) or gravies made from fresh stock and or beef or chicken bouillon. As to yeast extract, the Univ. of Toronto diet lists "marmite concentrated yeast extract" as "food to avoid" but "other yeast extracts, e.g. brewer's yeast," as "food allowed". Soy milk is also specifically on the allowed list.
Eating leftovers is no problem as long as the food itself is safe, is adequately refrigerated and there has been no spoilage or post-preparation aging.
In all the years I and a handful of other people I know have taken these medications, the only severe reactions have occurred from aged cheese on a pizza and from a decongestant.
Hope this helps more than confuses. It's too bad that these meds are so restrictive but if you can get the hang of them, they can be extremel helpful - actually worth it. Nardil, at least, helped me tremendously. Good luck! Phil




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