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Re: Topamax and weight and sleep and mood

Posted by MountainAngel on May 28, 2002, at 14:33:53

In reply to Re: Topamax and weight and sleep and mood, posted by Marsha Danielson on August 28, 2000, at 20:39:05

I know these posts are old and I was wondering if any of you are still on Topamax. I have been on it for about a week and I have various symptoms matching each of you. Like many of you I have tried various medications for Depression/Bi-polar they can't seem to make up their minds whats ailing me....

I have been on depakote [a major pain!!!], pamelar, triavil, remeron, on man I just can't remember them all, they don't know if I am psychotic, depressed or bipolar and it gets really tough being a guina pig.

Well, for now, I am on Topamax, they say the next step is Lithium, but I think I will put my foot down on that one. Depakote turned me into a raving luntic zombie if any of you can relate to that one. And, as far as I understand, the only difference between it and Lithium is the clearing method Liver -vs- Kidney. The doc keeps telling me I am very drug sensitive and I can't see how something stronger will be better for me if I am reacting to the weaker stuff.

So what is Topamax doing for me? First I should tell you that I have only been on it for a week and I am taking 50 mg a day, [I just started 100 mg today] so here goes....

1. I have lost 10 pounds... [that's good because I am still 50 pounds over weight, I would like to see this trend continue.]

2. I have some days when my moods are level, but other days I am a complete terror, I have a really hard time not speaking my mind, so most days I find it best just to stay home and keep my mouth shut. My spouse has been having a hard time because I don't hold anything back from that one. The "D" word has been mentioned, but not seriously, I hope!!! I am very hard to please so the best thing is not to try and the worst thing is to try to patronize me, really sets me off.

3. I don't sleep well, I want to sleep and I want to nap, but it doesn't happen. I am restless most of the time. It's like I want something, but I can't put my finger on what it is. I am tired so very tired, but rest doesn't come, even if I "sleep" it seems as if my mind is still running and running.

4. Now this one sounds crazy and it is hard to explain and the title we have put on it is birds in my head. I get a sensation in my head that feels like one of the following

a.) An electric shock without the pain
b.) A flash buld without the light
c.) The rush of a birds wing [ergo our pet name]

When this comes I have to lay down or I get sick to my stomach.

The question is how much is from the meds and how much is from the disease, hard to tell I have been on meds so long I have a hard time telling one from the other.

I was on Prozac and it worked for a very long time, then one day it quit and I went into a very deep depression and we have been playing with meds ever since and I haven't felt right in such a very long time. I thing the Prozac gave me a hypo manic sensation and I really liked being there, kinda happy-go-lucky with no cares... I wish I could have those days back again.

So if any of you are still out there please let me know, I would like to know how these meds work on a longer scale of usage.





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