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Re: ssris...the tip of the iceburg gilbert

Posted by AMenz on June 14, 2001, at 11:02:31

In reply to ssris...the tip of the iceburg., posted by gilbert on June 13, 2001, at 17:58:01

My child just had a relapse and suicide (suicide gesture might be more accurate) trying to lower the dossage of Zoloft from 50 to 25 mg.

I don't see how she is going to get off this drug. What are the withdrawal symptoms. Please explain in detail. ARe they a recurrence of depression, do they occur while the dosage is being lowered.

Her psychiatrist is oblivious to the rebound effect of all SSRI's although savvi on the withdrawal effect of other psychotropic drugs. They create the opposite reaction (eg benzo withdrawal gives you anxiety)

They now want to put her on a mood stabilizer. I am deadly opposed to mood stabilizers at 16 having as an adult gone through some hairy experiences while having to be on them, too numerous to state here.

Any info wil be appreciated
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> NikkiT,
> All of my experiences with ssris and I have taken them all have been like 2 days after stopping I find myself jonesing for the feeling that the drug gave me. I also feel way more stoned on any of the ssris versus xanax or klonopin. I can start and stop xanax way easier than any of these drugs. Even prozac gave me some rebound depression and flu like symptoms. I know so many people on this board are helped by these drugs but like any drug including the one I still take (xanax) there is more to it than just what is put out by the phamaceutical co's. I think there has been evidence suppression on side effect profiles since prozac came out, otherwise there would not be such huge discrepencies between the drugs side effect inserts given to you with the drugs and real life. On most drugs the side effect sheets are over exagerated it's like the stuff never happens. The ssri side effect sheets have been under exagerated and are still not properly up to date with what is actually occuring. When is the last time you picked up your script and saw a true desription in percentage terms of anorgasmia on any ssri insert. Or the fact that withdrawal may be tough. My blood presuure meds have realistic side effect profiles my xanax has realistic side effect profiles. The ssri's have sugar coated their side effect profiles so much so that your doctor is shocked when you even incur one of them. He looks at you in wow how can that be happening to you none of the reps and none of the literature even disclose the prevelance of what you are experiencing. When I was first prescribe blood pressure meds my doc gave me Lopressor a beta blocker. I told him it caused me to be somewhat limp. He knew right away said come on in let me switch you....that is a very common side effect for a beta blocker. Now 2 years later I go to the same doc tell him I can't orgasm on prozac and he looks at me like I am some sort of freak. It's like he never heard of this. The sales pitch and the cover up continues....It is so easy for people on antidepressants and the medical community to look at benzo users like junkies it will be a big pill to swallow to realize the ssri's are no better in that situation.
> Gil




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