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Re: Psychiatrist Online? Why Not?

Posted by sl on June 13, 2001, at 11:20:31

In reply to Re: Psychiatrist Online? Why Not? kazoo, posted by Jane D on June 13, 2001, at 9:58:08

> > > Let me be more specific.
> > > One who I can have a regular doctor/patient relationship with, who can write prescriptions and is knowledgeable about what to change my meds to.
> > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> > Well, that clears up everything, thank you very much!
> > Do you think for one blistering moment that

Do you think that for one blistering moment you should be yelling at a depressed person who's stuck in a corner and can't get "normal" help? Do you think this does ANYONE any good?
I know it's not the normnal Method of Action.
I can't drive, my regular doctor is too far away and too expensive to be seeing once/month, the free clinic knows NOTHING, and I'm on this stupid medicine that makes it nearly impossible for me to get out of the house and get a JOB which makes everything worse! Ohyeah, and I can't GET a job cuz in August I'm going back to college...brain full of fluff or not.

> > What you need to do is to find a real, live psychiatrist, or psychotherapist, or psychopharmacologist, whom you can sit opposite

That's all well and good. But they don't have those in my area, and taking a bus an hour each way isn't ookay when I've got a job. Yeah, this week I don't, but normally I DO.
I can go with a Dr who's not a psychiatrist, but that means I will probably have to KEEP suggesting things cuz this isn't her area.

> Kazoo -
> I don't think sl was asking for someone to 'casually' write a prescription. That you can already find on the internet, at least for now. I think he was asking if any medical doctors were willing to establish an on line relationship. I

My regular doctor won't. Her nurse won't even take emails into consideration. I have to call, except she's REALLY hard to get ahold of unless I just keep trying for half a day. So I can't even use email with the doctor I already have!

>think it's a reasonable question. Maybe the answer is no and should continue to be no but >it's worth discussing.
> It's fine to say that face to face is better but what if that's not possible? Not driving is a huge problem many places. So is lack of money. It sounds like you're saying that if you can't get the best treatment you shouldn't have any.

I can get there by taking a bus to the farthest point and then taking a cab the rest of the way. And of course, that's mightly expensive.

>That's only justifiable if you can show that this compromise treatment is worse than no treatment at all. It's similar to arguing that GP's shouldn't prescribe antidepressants because psychiatrists do it better. Encouraging GP's to treat depression has meant that many more people are treated and the psychiatrists seem to be as busy as ever.

I'll agree there, I just tried to call a bunch of places. County has a waiting list til September unless I'm suicidal. One place doesn't asnwer the phone. Another says "this Doctor MIGHT be taking new patients, I'll get back to you".
It's like a joke.

> a way around this. I believe videoconferencing is already used by some hospitals for consultations and every corner drug store seems to have a blood pressure machine. A doctor would need to rely more on what a patient told her than on what she could see and liability laws would need to be changed to reflect this. Would this be such a bad thing?

It wouldn't work for most people, I'll give there. But for some of us it's the ONLY way.
How DO agoraphobics get services? I have no idea.
But this isn't working. I can't keep running into the Doctor's office to say "this isn't working". I need someone who I can talk to on the phone or email and say this isn't working, here's why: .... and get a response that HELPS.

> Jane (who still remembers once being too broke to afford the 'real thing')

Thanks, Jane, I appreciate it.





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