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Re: Nortriptyline or still Effexor w/d?

Posted by sl on June 12, 2001, at 21:27:18

In reply to Re: Nortriptyline or still Effexor w/d?, posted by sl on June 12, 2001, at 10:39:56

And this seems to be getting worse.
I couldn't even be in chat-rooms today (I'm off work) cuz I couldn't seem to pick out information aimed at ME (vs info aimed at others) the way I normally could. I kept getting confused as to who was talking to me. :(

How long do I give it again?
And from WHEN? Do I give it a few weeks from when I start 100mg, or do I give it a few weeks from when I first started at 25mg....?

I'm so confused. :(


> > SL,
> > This I'll say about it. I spent about 4 yrs on it, albeit w/ xanax at the same time. I recall
> So it didn't help your anxiety enuf to skip the Xanax or did you have Panic Attacks...? Cuz if it doesn't help anxiety much, I'm going to need to add something to it....
> >being "foggy", although not excessively. I was in college at the time and still made excellent grades and had a social life (I have a graduate/professional degree and an great job, so
> THAT's the biggest thing I worry about. I'm going back to college in August and I don't want to be like this when I get there! Good to know it didn't impair you. It still might impair ME, but that's obviously not a universal side-effect.
> >you're not doomed to a life you don't want to live on this stuff; if you're very intelligent as you say (and, I don't doubt it), you've got a little talent/abilty to trade in while battling your demons if necessary). Unlike the Paxil I've been taking for 2 yrs (until today), I never gained weight or had any noticable sexual side effects. Pamelor never gave me the constipation some talk about, only some dry mouth (drink
> Again, good to know. So far it's just a little dry mouth, but I'm supposed to go up to twice this dosage before I give up. :/
> > Give the medicine half a chance. Evaluate your condition (what is it if you don't mind sharing?) & the price you're willing to pay (even fogginess) to allieviate it.
> I'm diagnosed with major depression. Along with that, I have some anxiety and nasty thought-patterns (ruminations, if you will) that are not things I've mentioned to the Dr.
> The price... I'm willing to be foggy and sleepy, but not stupid, and not if my symptoms are still THERE. Effexor made my symptoms still there underneath but I didnt' have the energy to even think about them. :/
> > Good luck! I'll say a rosary for you...and me, and God bless you!
> Thanks! I appreciate the thought. :)
> sl




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