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Re: Birth Control Pill, Depression and St. John's Wort Sulpicia

Posted by Cindylou on May 29, 2001, at 17:54:46

In reply to Re: Birth Control Pill, Depression and St. John's Wort Cindylou, posted by Sulpicia on May 29, 2001, at 2:27:40

Thank you.
Question: Could the birth control pill actually affect me negatively in ONE DAY???? I took it last night, and today felt worse than I have in a long time. Extremely fatigued, sad, sick of being sick and tired, low tolerance level, etc etc.

Last month when I started the pill, I had the same type of feelings, so I stopped after the first one and told my gynecologist. She said it probably wasn't the pill because it takes awhile to build up in my system.

Any thoughts?? I really didn't attribute my horrible day to the pill until I read your post.

Also, as far as augmenting the SSRIs, I tried to do that with wellbutrin (which didn't help offset the fatigue very much), with Provigil (which made me feel extremely flu-ish and hungover) and Adderall (which had a similar effect as the Provigil). So it seems I'm out of luck on that idea.

Also, I have tried Desipramine in the past -- it actually seemed to help some, but I could only tolerate a very low dose. I tried it again a few weeks ago, and I had very bad side effects. Must be my age, or my hormones changing since having a baby, or something (seems like I'm EXTRA sensitive to all meds since I had my baby 18 months ago.)

The MAOI I'm talking about trying (Manerix) is actaully reversible; it doesn't have the same contraindications of the irreversible MAOIs that are available here in the US. (Manerix is only available in Canada -- my doc and I are working on acquiring some). Have you ever heard of this?

You say you have chronic depression -- are you currently being treated? What seems to work for you? Also, how much calcium do you take to treat the PMS? I do take natural Cal/Mag supplements from a nutritionist, but not for PMS -- maybe I'm not taking enough.

Sorry for the barrage of questions -- and thanks in advance for your help.


> > BC can cause horrible depression and aggravate existing problems.
> I know several women with bipolar disorder who have been hospitalized
> with severe depression after starting BC. Depo-provera is even worse.
> Were I in your shoes, and I am to a certain extent with chronic depression
> and the periods from hell, I would:
> treat the PMS nutritionally; there are several good studies that demonstrate
> excellent symptom reduction with calcium supplements. My pdoc firmly believes that BC and other
> hormonal treatments are frankly dangerous for people with chronic depression.
> As for the depression, I might forget about the SJW -- mild or moderate, 11 years is
> chronic, which meets the criteria of neither mild nor moderate. On top of BC
> you could find yourself in a terrible jam.
> Other AD possibilities: a stimulant [like ritalin] as an augment for the SSRI, or have you
> tried the older tricyclics? I might be inclined to give them a try b4 MAOIs, just because
> of the dietary restrictions etc.
> Last suggestion -- try running. I know it sounds crazy but it's one of the best ADs I've
> ever found.
> Good luck,
> S.




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