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Re: Marplan and insomnia (or something)

Posted by Phillip Marx on December 24, 1999, at 12:52:21

In reply to Re: Marplan and insomnia (or something), posted by Elizabeth on December 24, 1999, at 0:28:58

Hi Elizabeth.
It is good that you are researching the chemistry in such detail. I did the same thing after I realized how easy it was to learn more than my HMO knew, their ratio of negative success to zero positive success should have tipped me off sooner, except they had turned me into a revenue patient who couldn't remember how to complain. That struggling to think while under sedation will strengthen your mind and it's determinations to the point that you will seem like a manic rocketship when the sedative restraints fall off for any reason. Just like a runner would even use resistance training to build muscles that run faster, you are inadvertently using chemical mental resistance training that is building you and your concentration up for some really fast and clear thinking that will likely look like something worse. See my other posts here as I have just recently discovered this forum. I have found that using 1/2 to a full 0.25mg halcion=triazolam WITH 50-150mg Serzone=nefazodone gets me to very restful sleep in just a couple of hours or less unless I take too little which then takes longer, and the drop-off to sleep point is mostly at my discretion so that I CAN finish watching the climax endings of some TV shows the first time now. Benefit, alarms do make me conscious, there is very little paralysis, and the wake up hangover is only a sluggish period of at most 1/2 hour and I am clear thinking all day afterwards. Sometimes I wake up before the sluggish period is over and sometimes it is completely gone by the time I wake up and I can go right to the treadmill and do a quarter mile at 10 miles an hour without stumble, this treadmill won't go any faster. Not bad, it amazes me, I am 51 years old. The Physicians' Desk Reference says that Serzone makes the Halcion 1.7 times stronger and last 2.8 times longer. This is a perfect profile for those like me who are immune to Halcion by itself. Dosage might be less for you if you aren't yet. Most other medications effects and side effects are dependent on timed out serum metabolic conversion and renal (kidney) clearance. This means the wear-off time is somewhat logarithmic. The binary combination I'm suggesting times out and clears quickly, more like the desperately desired [square - rectangular -trapezoidal] step function every one wants. It has been working so well for me for two years now that I am not fearful of getting the word out to those who sound like they are otherwise starting a long terrible journey through multiple depressing expirations of medical efficacies. The Rx profession tried a lot of things on me and only this one rates my thanks. Another benefit of Halcion that encourages hope is that tolerances reverse with as little as a week of medicine holiday, and can then work for another couple of years. I haven't regained efficacy on any of the others I've used.

I don't know what brought you to this forum first, but you sound not only very intelligent, but not driven yet to abandon hope. I lasted almost two years on increasing strength, increasingly crippling medications before they took me totally down. I was on state disability over a two-year period which fixed in only his first week. The first medication got me through the next few months in a recovery mode that quit working when that brain chemistry system "healed" enough so that I had to work on the next most "not-yet-healed" brain chemistry exhaustions (workaholism does catch up, I've never heard of anyone who was working harder than I was in peacetime, I'd be afraid to meet her). I am now getting the 1st or 2nd top grades in some career transistion classes I'm taking into work that should be impossible to overwork in, which shows the medicine is working, though it makes people nervous how fast I finish the tests. Having gotten so sick and fat from the metabolic crippling of accumulated sleep medicines forced me to do as you are doing and re-learn from scratch how to take care on my normally self-negligent self. Now the weight is gone and skin shrinking back, though slower than I would wish. My body itself is a little afraid that it's not safe yet to get off emergency mode. I can now do more (sometimes twice) the weight and reps as the physical trainers at the gym half my age, I can't do free weights well at high weights because of my carpal tunnel issues since the tendons also grew in channels that didn't (oversize tendons are stronger and don't hurt as long as they aren't rubbed together until they swell even further under high loads, the weight machines "hold" alignments preventing such tendon sliding) as I got my strength back after a muscle-wasting three months stuck almost totally in bed from a desperately overdue, but temporary medication success. It's bizarre and baffling, but if I wouldn't have gotten so sick, and made even worse by the HMO, I wouldn't be alive today from the stress I was under back then. Now, I'm an otherwise very healthy looking person mistaken for 10-20 years younger than reality, I have to carry around transistion pictures to convince old friends that I am Me. Anyway, look up those two medications. They are synergistic and so are functional at doses so low that I haven't had any negative side effects. Dr. Jensen does telephone diagnosis and prescriptions world-wide.

Phillip Marx

> Did you say it *is* working?
> Yuppers.
> > Alright! :)
> >
> > Would you mind telling me about it?
> Sure thing, what would you like to know?
> > P.S. Why did you discontinue the other MAOIs?
> Nardil: poop-out - also massive weight gain (unfortunately, weight gain looks like it's becoming a problem with Marplan too).
> Parnate: it causes spontaneous hypertensive crises (i.e., not drug-drug or food-drug interactions) at relatively low doses, so I couldn't get past 30mg/day, which really wasn't enough.




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