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Re: RE:Steve &benzos for panic attacks

Posted by Steve on December 8, 1999, at 18:12:04

In reply to RE:Steve &benzos for panic attacks, posted by NHGrandma on December 8, 1999, at 15:17:08

The cause of my panic attacks was not as clear as I would like it to be. At the time I was in a well paying job in a nice atmosphere and working with nice people. Everything was also good at home(I am a husband and father of 1). I do know that I have a genetic predisposition to panic attacks. My Brother, Father and 85 year old Grandmother have had or do have them. The gland that releases adrenaline is basically what's at fault here. It is miss firing. When under normal circumstances, for example, it would only activate when you suddenly had to perform an emergency maneuver to avoid a car accident, with panic, it just goes of any time for no reason. It's not associated with a particular stimulus but will eventually cause many phobias that will become debilitating. So, all that to say that there isn't a clear known reason for why they start but we do know what causes the situation to worsen. I recommend highly that you get to a psychiatrist immediately and tell him/her everything about your panic attacks. It is VERY treatable. I will say that my regular family doctor either misdiagnosed the problem or was unwilling to prescribe the kind of medicines that get it under control. He finally got me to a psychiatrist and that's when things got back to normal very quick. Some things that I have learned since is that being over weight isn't a good thing, to much caffiene and sugar doesn't help either. Getting exercise and controlling weight is high on the recovery list. Panic attacks are also associated with post-traumatic stress...people will often show signs of panic attacks who have PTS. Consider anything of that nature in your life. My Brother does not take medication and he is fine. My Father had them when he was in his twenties and was over them quickly. My Grandmother just recently began having panic attacks and is currently under medication. She also began walking and doing doctor supervised excercises. She is doing very well now and is more fit than I can remember. So, I hope that helps. Anyone showing any signs of panic attacks should go immediately to the doctor and tell them they believe they have panic attacks and describe in as much detail their symptoms. When I first went to the psychiatrist, I described my symtoms to him and he then handed me a pamphlet on panic attacks that I could have writen. So, please, please go to the doc...he can take care of this very quickly. Oh, and yes, I am still taking Klonopin. I could possibly go off of it but it is a controlled substance and therefore going off of it causes some withdrawal symtoms not a whole lot unlike quiting smoking. But, I know it can be done. I'm in grad school right now and just don't feel like I want to deal with it while I'm expected to be clear and ready to go all the time. I guess I could go on and on but I repeat again, don't wait, go to the doc and let him get you back on the road to feeling well. By the way, if you've heard about the herb, Kava Kava I would not suggest it. A consumer reports survey indicated that only 2% of people that take it
actually permanantly stopped their panic attacks. Steve




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