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Re: science superior to religion? (CC)

Posted by CC on November 17, 1999, at 20:57:22

In reply to Re: science superior to religion? (CC), posted by Adam on November 17, 1999, at 13:37:35

"the sum of the matter and energy in the universe and the energy of its expansion
is zero"

So energy of expansion = total energy of matter and energy? Wouldn't these energies be additive rather than cancelling each other out?

"It is thought that initially the universe was infinitely dense, but that due to quantum
fluctuations, this state was unstable. At some point the universe expanded slightly and
thus cooled. This cooling led to a "phase transition" where matter and energy became
differentiated through the creation of quantum fields that define the properties of

Where did this infinitely dense unstable thing come from? If it came from a "megaverse" then where did the megaverse come from? I don't see how anything can come from nothing. The model of the beginning of our universe started with "something". If something can come from nothing it should be observable. Virtual particals can come into existance but only for a very short time. What about conservation of mass and energy? It still looks like a "first cause" issue to me, albeit a very complex one. Do you know anything about string theory? I was wondering if the "collapsed dimensions" would allow strange interactions between matter not explained by electromagnetic or other energies. Can you tell me how something can come from nothing and if so is it anything more than pure speculation?




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