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Re: atypical depression: Annie

Posted by Adam on November 10, 1999, at 20:44:13

In reply to Re: atypical depression: Annie, posted by Elizabeth on November 10, 1999, at 15:45:14

>(I think MAOIs are falling out of favor for OCD)

Is this because of lack of efficacy, or simply because of
the relative safety of the SSRIs?

I've been diagnosed with (in this order)

-Depression (*really*)
-Psychosis (my absolute favorite)
-OCD (bingo!)
-Melancholia (nope)
-Dysthymia (I wish)
-Deep, deep depression (uh, yeah...)
-Major Depression (I'll say)

For which I have taken (not 100% sure of the order...)

-Desipramine (lasted all of a week-sick as a dog)
-Imipramine (no different)
-Nothing (did OK, drank too much, probably, but OK)
-Clomipramine (Lasted all of two weeks-getting hit with a bat might
feel better)
-Zoloft (lackluser, put on 30lbs. in six months, bad sex)
-Effexor (OK on mood, still fat, tired, thumbs down on sex)
-Effexor+Wellbutrin (hey, my first augmentation-didn't really help, though)
-Wellbutrin alone (Sex! Yay! Depression! Boo!)
-Serzone (We're talking downward spiral here, depression reaching nearly
unbearable dimensions, obsessions taking over, in the breakdown lane,
litarally and figuratively)
-Serzone+clozapine (no benefit, got funny looks from the pharmacist, made doctors in
hospital frown in consternation)
-(Hospital) ECT (Worked great, for a month or so-I forget...)
-(Hospital) Lorazipam (Mmmmmm)
-Celexa (Sex is natural, sex is good, not everybody does it, especially on this drug)
-Remeron (somewhat improved mood, no sexual dysfunction, amazing dreams, ever OD on benedryl?)
-Selegiline (finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally...)

(Out of fairness, clozapine has been shown in isolated cases to help with OCD, but not
my OCD. It also has been shown to exacerbate it...)

I certainly have been, at times, noncompliant. I just couldn't see taking a drug that
didn't make me much happier while causing intolerable side effect(s).

Where has diagnosis gotten me in all this? With the exception of six months of intensive
behavioral therapy for OCD (helped a great deal) and the suggestion I try an MAOI, noplace.

I don't know what I am, typical, atypical, who knows. I'm curious, but at this point,
it doesn't matter. I tried a bunch of drugs, found something that works tolerably well,
and do therapy. End of story. I'd love to know what mutation I've got, what part of my
brain is smaller, what chemical compound there is a dearth/surplus of. But I probably
never will, and besides, no one yet knows what to do with such information. DSM-IV. Well,
it's a start.




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