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So much for stability (next med suggestions)

Posted by Bob on October 25, 1999, at 0:27:30

Let's do a quick recap of the story to date:
Been on meds for 2.5 years or so. Had a great initial reaction to Zoloft, went off it after six months, and have never responded well to an SSRI since. Wellbutrin's a no-go for me (didn't see "psychotic rage" listed as a side-effect). Currently have been on 200mg zoloft, 75mg nortriptyline (to augment), and 1 mg clonazepam (for panic).

Good points: rock solid emotional stability (since I went on nortriptyline), more assertive than I've ever been in my life (too bad for my boss ;^).

Bad points: the zoloft 40 (extra pounds) and 80 points to my cholesterol (which, I'm happy to say, is actually down a net 100 points to 180 thanks to lipitor).

Worse points: dead sex life, emotional baseline hovering a little below "numb", and a relationship that is in pieces because of it (the tragic thing about it, even though its keeping me from being quite dark about it, is that damned stability -- I know something's wrong, that I should feel sad, but I don't).

If you know my workplace difficulties, you'll understand why I need stability. But the cost of that stability at home could be too high. I don't know -- I can't feel if this relationship ending is the right or wrong thing.

I meet with my pdoc at 2:30 PM on Monday the 25th (eke! today already!). I'd appreciate suggestions on different combinations to consider.

Stuff I have considered, to start the discussion--oops, and before that I'd like to remind folks that yes, I know different meds affect different people differently, so much for the caveat:

I think it's time to convince my pdoc that SSRIs just ain't my cup of tea. The weight, the cholesterol, the Emotional Limbo ... and zoloft's still the one I've responded to best (besides prozac and paxil). Given that, I think celexa would be a waste of time.

I've read someplace that folks who don't respond to TCAs respond to SSRIs and vice versa. With the arrival of nortriptyline on my medication merry-go-round, I'm beginning to think I might be one of the vice versas.

One last bit: what do all y'all think of swapping remeron in for the zoloft? I'm already experiencing some daytime sleepiness (apnea? drug side effects? does it matter?) so should I also consider dexedrine? If remeron is going to make me sleepy and I'll need to take it in the early evening, then I'm going to have to figure out how to get through the evening classes I teach (7:40-10PM).

Thanks in advance

PS. While lots of my friends out there in Babbleland have a heckuva lot more expertise on meds than me, I *am* interested in my siamese-brain-twin-separated-prior-to-conception-probably Noa's response -- there's just too much overlap in the things we say for me not to be interested in how you're managing your meds (I just know you've got more than I can keep track of, I think... ;^)




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