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Re: horrible head feeling! Feels I have gotten worse!

Posted by katie on October 18, 1999, at 11:59:39

In reply to horrible head feeling! Feels I have gotten worse!, posted by Amy II on October 18, 1999, at 10:58:39

##############GET TO A DOC ASAP!!!!############

Hello everybody. Let me see where to start. Ok, My head feels like a i have a fifty pound weight in it, my neck has horrible pain right along the spine part when i move it. I got out of bed this morning and fell over. I was so wobbly i couldnt get my balance. I felt like i was going to pass out. Halos around my children. wiggly lines on the carpet, feeling inside my body of death, ( if i could really know what that feels like) I was coloring a couple of days ago with my daughter, sitting indian style. I sat that way for about a half an hour an dyou know when you get up one of the legs will be a bit tingly from falling asleep. Well my right leg was that way and it usually returns to normal once you get blood flow to it. Well I got up walked into the kitchen and my upper thigh mostly was completely asleep and stayed that way for about 15 minutes. I was walking around limping and so scared. I couldnt believe it! Myn eyes are still completely shot. I had to feel my head this morning because it felt like it wasnt even there. I get this vibration feeling more and more everyday all over my body. causes me to feel way out of it. Feels liking hmming all over the body and then i feel it in my head and then i feel like i am going to pass out. weird vision including tunnel. My boyfriend caught me swaying in the ktichen while i wastalking to him and i didn't even know it. My balance is all screwed up. I dont know if this has happened to anybody before but i was laying down atnight in bed with my boyfriend and he was asleep i was looking at him and my vision blurred and i saw an "a" floating across his face. Almost like iw as dreaming while iw as awake. Like that vision was in front of my reality. I layed there completely freaked out and looked up at the ceiling. If I looked directly at the light fixture it wasnt there like a dark shadow over it. If i looked away and it was in my side vision i could see it, then i would look back at it and it wouldnt be there. Weird wavy things in front of my vision. I am looking downat my keyboard now and it looks like i am about to black out or something. It is unusually bright. It looks like it is getting smalller than bigger. I have round bright dots in my vision at any momnent in time. All of this while i have this horribl efeeling inmy head of craziness. it is so hard to describe but it is a physical feeling. sometimes my temples feel like they are being pressed from the outside. or maybe numb. hard to describe. Lately i have been getting these horrible shooting pains in my head. Paralysing almost. I feel i am hallucinating is this possible? I hate that this is happening to me. I just want this feeling inmy body and my head to go away. How much longer do i have to live like this? It has been six months now. I feel awful. I have been on zoloft for a month now, no help. Almost as if i have gotten worse. ( everybody that has read my story knows what i speak of, maybe would want to direct others where it is located on this site.) I am sorry to be so dependant on this site but i feel so alone. This is not something i have ever had before. I feel like my brain is slowly destroying itself. I dont know where else to turn. I wish there was a doctor out there that could help. This is anxiety way. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated...know of anybody that has had these same effects from doing a drug six months prior? (joke) seems like i am the only one. Thanks everybody for support and info. Even more dazed and confused, scared....AMY II




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