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Re: mood disorders/klonopin,depakote,neurontin etc

Posted by MrZest on December 10, 1998, at 13:59:51

In reply to Re: mood disorders/klonopin,depakote,neurontin etc, posted by Robbie on December 10, 1998, at 12:34:17

> I have bipolar illness and I am scared shitless after reading Paul's
> comments on Klonopin. My doctor prescribed Lorazepam and
> Klonopin for anxiety and occassional mood swings. I will never
> take Klonopin again after reading Paul's story. My doctor is too
> liberal sometimes with the medicines he gives me. The frightening thing is
> only places like this can I find out what drugs really do. I was going to
> take Klonopin every day because I didn't think anything about it.
> Anybody know about taking Lorazepam daily.
> Robbie

First of all, most doctors don't get thier degrees from the bottom of cracker jack boxes.
What I mean by that is that MOST doctors actually know what they are doing.
If I were you, I wouldn't be so ready to just throw away your doctor's reccomendations just because you have read one person's bad experience with the med. Especially when that one persons experience is supposedly so striking. Read the disclaimer at the top of the main page... Don't believe EVERYTHING you read.
I am not trying to cast dispersions on Pauls post, I believe what he says, I am simply saying that his account seems a bit, well, 'loud' is a good description. And whatever experience he has had will not neccesarily be anything like your own experience with the very same meds.
If you read all the posts here, you will find that no matter what med is discussed, there are many who have the same reactions to it, but there always seem to be at least one or a few who have different experiences with the same med.
If you are really uncertain about the regimen your doctor has prescribed, the best course of action is to get a second opinion from another doctor.
If your doctor is a competent professional, s/he will not have any problem with you seeking a second opinion.

I am bi polar as well. What drove me to seek help in the first place was major depression. What kept me from asking for help in the first place for as long as I did was the fact that I always felt that no matter what anybody was saying, there was no way you could convince me that there was some sort of magic cure in some little pill.
I still believe that. BUT, (And believe me, I have a BIG but), I have seen improvement to the point that I am actually able to wake up without having suicide as the very first thought on my mind every morning. I have been in treatment for long enough now to realize that if it were not for the meds and the therapy BOTH together, I would not be were I am today. Either without the other would not have helped me in the way both together have.
While I can still say, pills are no magic cure, I also say, "I LOVE my happy pills." I would love to not have to take them, but I am not afraid to take them, and will for as long as it takes.




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