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Re: Fatigue and sexual dysfunction associated Celexa?

Posted by Rick on August 6, 1999, at 3:57:36

In reply to Fatigue and sexual dysfunction associated Celexa?, posted by Jason on July 29, 1999, at 6:35:29

I have a co-worker who started Celexa for depression. No results for five weeks, then it suddenly kicked in big-time. He said that he did have some weird side-effects (maybe including sexual), but that they "eventually" went away. I don't know how long "eventually" is.

I have (or should I say, "had") Social Anxiety, and Nardil helped alot at first but, then pooped out, although the blasted anorgasmia and other side effects remained. Orgasms came back full force, but not until four weeks after cutting out the Nardil. I then started taking up to 15mg. Selegeline a day for five weeks, but that was a total bust except for some pleasant sexual enhancement.

I insisted my pdoc give me Klonopin (taking 1mg at 7:30 and 1mg at 10:30, after dosing up gradually from only .5, at bedtime). Good results within a week, and no side effects except a little sedation initially.

At our next session ten days later we were to add an AD (I was going to push for Celexa), but I was doing so well we canned that idea. Also -- and he was surprised by this -- I asked him to let me add back 5mg of Selegeline, because of great libido and sexual-sensation-enhancing effects (plus a little blood-pressure lowering, which I need).

All I can say is, "Wow"! Maybe the Klonopin alone would have done the trick, but I've NEVER been so at ease yet alert and "up" -- Social Anxiety symptoms 99% gone
--full of energy, coming up with great ideas at work, and libido through the roof!

I get the impression you have general (rather than Social) Anxiety, so this might not be the thing for you. But I do suggest looking into LONG-ACTING Benzos, for steady-state relief (Klonopin is one, Xanax -- which I tried before -- ISN'T) -- as long as you are not prone to alcohol or drug abuse...and as long as you dose down VERY gradually when/if getting off the med. (Otherwise you could have nasty withdrawal symptoms.) Benzos have SO many fewer side-effects than AD's, and can actually INCREASE libido (although I've read that in SOME people certain Benzos can cause erection problems).

If you're deternined to stick with an AD (and of course you would, if you also have depression), you might want to try Serzone. I understand t has a very mild side effect profile IF you dose up slowly and give the drowsiness time to go away. It can actually *enhance* sexuality -- rarely inhibits it, And is definitely an anti-anxiety AD. Some people say it's done wonders as long as they dose up very slowly, don't take more than absolutely needed, and take it at the optimal time of day (e.g., before bed if it really makes you drowsy). Others have been quite disappointed. As always, YMMV.


> I recently started taking Celexa for my anxiety disorder and I'm experiencing side effects very similar to when I used to take Paxil. I started Paxil on 20 mg and decreased to 10mg due to the sexual side effects. Even at 10 mg fatigue was still a problem, but it did help control my anxiety disorder. Could taking 10 mg of Celexa possibly have the same effect? I'm a 24 year old male and both the sexual dysfunction and fatigue are intolerable. I've also read that adding BuSpar to the mix might help. Anyone out there have any advice or any experience with this matter?




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